I am writing my last paper on Macbeth. In this paper I will explain my belief that Macbeth was indeed an evil man, but with the help of his lovely wife Lady Macbeth, he becomes even worse.
My first reason would be the fact that he was a general in the war. I believe anybody that goes to war and likes it has some evil in them. Then these witches start praising Macbeth on his ride home. Throughout the play the witches stand for evil, and they praise this man he must be the devil. On the journey home Macbeth asks Banquo if he would like to see his children as kings one day. I knew right then and there that something dirty was going to happen.
Then Lady Macbeth enters, she is a very ambitious woman, except she uses her ambition in the wrong way. Lady Macbeth feels that she needs to persuade Macbeth into killing Duncan(because she couldn’t so it herself). When Macbeth turns down this opportunity his wife starts ridiculing him and yelling out coward. Macbeth would finally give in to this damn evil woman. If Macbeth were never pressured by his wife then he wouldn’t have attempted this.

Macbeth enters Duncan’s room and sees spirits of evil through the air. Yet, cold-hearted Macbeth still walks over to the bed. He then stains the cheeks of the grooms to put the fault on them(because of their drunkenness).
After the death of Duncan, Macbeth is the new King of Scotland. When he finds out that his children will not be the next in line to the throne he goes half crazy. Banquo’s children were to take over the throne after the death of Macbeth. So Macbeth and his wife would devise a plan to take care of that. The evil woman would invite Banquo and his son Fleance over to a party. On their way they were to be taken care of. Is this cruel and cold blooded or what?
Toward the end of the story people are realizing that Macbeth is an evil man. They have to show support to him because he’s the king, but deep down inside nobody likes this man at all. Macbeth run into MacDuff(who want’s to give Macbeth a taste of his own medicine). He would ultimately take care of Macbeth.
In closing, I believe Macbeth is evil for all things that took place throughout the whole play. Lady Macbeth plays an important role to influence and take Macbeth further in his evil mind. The last thing I will talk about is the witches. These witches did nothing but praise Macbeth, on the other hand MacDuff had the good people of Scotland supporting him. This just influenced me more than anything to write this paper of Macbeth’s evil mind.