Macbeth Folio II

Cool night within Macbeth’s Castle. Enter Macbeth

Macbeth: What a day, I must say we have accomplished quite a bit today. As Duncan sleeps in his eternal rest the witches third prophecy soon to be fulfilled like the rest.

Enter Lady Macbeth

Macbeth: Ah. My dearest what are you up to out and about at this time of the night. Is there anything that you would like to talk to me about?

Lady Macbeth: Yes as a matter O’ fact I have been rather troubled with your actions today and I was interested in hearing your explanations for them.

Macbeth: What do you mean was the deed not done? Duncan is dead and I am to soon b announced king. It seems like the world is changing already to embrace us.

Lady Macbeth: The stars seem to be pulling down around us. You say things are going well but when in truthfulness I feel we are in a crisis. Did you not see the look in the eyes of Malcom and Donaldbain? It was a look of suspicion. I do not feel that they fully believe our story of the guards murdering Duncan.

Macbeth: What do you mean I do not feel they thought anything of the sort. They were just saddened because of the loss of their father, but I was wondering, you looked rather surprised when I had come back from killing the two guards which we had framed. Why did you do that?

Lady Macbeth: The question is not why I fainted for it was for your own good I needed to find a way to draw attention away from you or everyone would have become even more suspicious. But really what were you thinking why would you kill those two men and totally abandon our original plan especially without consulting me at all. It was a really irresponsible move on your part and I do not think that they bought your excuse.

Macbeth: First of all you do not understand these feelings I’m exploring rite now they are so strong I’m overwhelmed with my superiority and once I’m king what can others do. I still believe our planned fooled everyone.

Lady Macbeth: I am beginning to believe you are becoming addicted to killing and murder. You really seem to enjoy it. You should learn to control your emotions more and even if people do buy into our plan how do you feel you can win the peoples hearts? Everyone loves Duncan so much and I still don’t feel that you would be treated with the same respect. At the beginning I felt this would be a great plan but things seem to be slowly deteriorating in front of our eyes very rapidly.

Macbeth: Well my dearest let us wait it through until I ma crowned and then by you my queen by my side we shall once again speak of this matter. You after all I must agree deserve, of all people, to know what exactly is going on.

Lady Macbeth: Alright but try and hide your true emotions look sad because of Duncan’s death but do not forget the truth! Stay two-faced.

Macbeth: As I will. Until the morning then let us set for bed my closest companion.

Exit Macbeth and Lady Macbeth into the dark corridor and into their chamber