As Terry McMillian describes this vivid portrait of this elderly woman, I am constantly reminded of my grandmother and her wonderfulness as a woman, wife, and inspiration to all of those around her. Just as the elderly woman in the story, my grandmother that the same bite and drive. She refuses in the same way to acknowledge that old age is coming upon her quickly. She thinks that she can still do all of the things that she did when she was younger even better today.
Ma'Dear was very close to her late husband Jesse. She stated on pg. 458 that her late husband Jesse" wasn't full and couldn't give her the juices that she needed to make no babies." However, she wasn't concerned with any bloodlines. She just wanted Jesse all to herself. During the times that she was growing up, big families and bloodlines were natural; everyone did it. However, she stood by her man even thought he could not bear her any children. I think that this proved how strong she was as a woman to go against the norm of building a large family. She felt that love was more important than "babies" at that time in her life.
Ma,Dear is a very cautious yet smart thinker. She states on pg. 458 that her mama told her "you gotta have something to give if you want to get something in return." Society today is so "caught up" with getting something for nothing. Our world is constantly bombarding us with sweepstakes, the Lottery, and gimmicks. As Americans, many people feel that maybe around the corner there is something waiting for them. This promotes some not so work hard for what they want to achieve. I feel that if you work hard for what you want to achieve, your due success will come
Ma'Dear tells us of the hardships that she encountered growing up and all of the experiences that she saw. She still however kept her head up. She express that she can't understand what is wrong with these kids today? They have the freedom to go to high school, go to college, and get letters behind their names. However, she keeps on hearing that someone has dropped out. Today's society to me is corrupting our youth. So much emphasis is put on earning money the easy way. Our youth do not want to work hard and get the basic education to lay the ground work that they need to succeed.