M-Tech Cell Phone

The new M-Tech cell phone is a cell phone designed by Favio Garcia / Nokia technologies made with the purpose of keeping people connected at a reasonable price, while still making a profit. The M-tech’s design is the fact the component parts are all made cheaply with a material that is both inexpensive and durable. The dream behind the M-tech is that fact that we can keep the people we love at only a phone call away.

Reasons For Launch in:

Japan is one of the most populated countries in the world and also one of the biggest markets to make money from. This comes from the fact that Japan produces some of the most technologically advanced products put out on the market. And the reason for launching our M-tech phone in their market is their pop culture which we hope to cash in on , our plan is to become the next pokemon craze in Japan.

Mexico is by far another greatly populated country but the problem in Mexico is that everyone would love a cell phone but they are too expensive to buy. The answer would be our cheaper priced cell phone that could be afforded by everyone while still making the big bills in Mexico.

Russia in one of the last places we decicded to launch our phone in but after reveiwing all of the things Russia is The M-tech cell phone is the product that we think will be of great

influence there. Though at the begining the Russian Market will be hard to snag because Russians must build a sense of trust with a product and once the Russians have built trust we will have great control in their market.