Luther Whitney was a career criminal. Luther went to burglarize a house that he had scope out for many weeks. While he was robing the house, the owner came home with the President of the United States. They started to fight Christy Sullivan went to stab the President with a letter opener but two secret service agents walked in and shot Christy in the head. The President was extemely drunk and did not realize that Christy had been shot and killed. Luther had seen everything from the secret vault in the wall behind a one way mirror.
Gloria Russell walked into the room and the bloody mess on the floor. Bill Burton one of the secret service agents wanted to call the police but Gloria wanted t o clean up the seen and get out of there. They left Christy on the floor so that it looked like a robbery gone wrong. Christy had managed to stab the President with the letter opener. Gloria put the letter opener in her purse but before she left the room it fell out. Luther went to leave the house. He noticed the letter opener on the floor and picked it up and went out the window. Burton asked Gloria if she had the letter opener she cheeked her purse and said that she had dropped it somewhere. Burton ran up to the bedroom and saw the rope hanging from the window. Bill ran down stairs to catch Luther but he got away now the President is worried that he may get caught.
Luther left the hotel where he was staying t o go to the airport. He got on a plane going to Dallas/Forth Worth Then got a connecting flight to Miami then another plane to Barbados. Walter Sullivan called the security company because his wife would not pick u p the phone. The security guard found Christy on the floor and called the police. The police are searching the house for any signs of burglary.
Jack Graham is going to have lunch with his ex-girlfriend Kate Whitney. Jack said something about Kate's dad Luther so she walked out of the restaurant. Jack chased after her and jumped into her car and said that he was very sorry. Jack said that it was only three o'clock and maybe they could catch a movie. Kate turned hin down and made him get out of her car.
Walter Sullivan had to identify his wife's body at the morgue. After he identified her, the technician wheeled her away and Walter started to cry. Jack had a meeting with the head partnership leader at the firm where he works. Jack is about to make partner at the firm mainly because his biggest client is his girlfriend's father. Jack is going to marry Jennifer Baldwin, and she is planing all of the wedding with her mother.
Seth Frank is the head investigator on the Sullivan murder and he has nothing to go on because the murder seen was cleaned. The secret service agents had cleaned Christy's body after she had been shot. Seth keeps asking the medical examination to look over the body for anything that he can use to find who did it. All that Seth could find was a bullet hole in the wall but they had removed the bullet.
Jack just got back from a business trip from the Ukraine for his law firm. He went with Walter Sullivan they had the best there was when they were there. It was about midnight when Jack got to his apartment. He was on his way out to get some food when the phone rang. Luther was calling him to see how his daughter Kate was doing. They met at a little restaurant that night. Luther asked about Kate all Jack could say that they had a fight and he had not talk to Kate so he had nothing to tell Luther. Jack said that Luther should just call her for once in his life. Luther did not answer then he blurted out that he may need a lawyer because he was in a jam and it could only get worse.
Jack told Kate about her father she went to his apartment to see if she could