Love Story
Erich Segal

This book is about a Harvard student, Oliver Barrett 4th, who is looking for a book in the Radcliff library. He goes over to the reserve desk and asks a girl if they had the book. She somehow talks him into taking her out for coffee after they close before she gives him the book and they do. Oliver finds out that her name is Jennifer Cavilleri, an American of Italian descent, who is a music major at Radcliffe and he asks her to go to his hockey game against Dartmouth.
She goes to the game to cheer him on and Oliver gets an assist and a goal. After the game they walk home and they kiss each other good-bye. When he calls her on the phone he tells her heís in love with her and this starts their relationship.
Next Oliver has a game against Cornell and his father, Oliver Barrett 3rd, went to watch. Oliver got into a fight and because he was out of the game for five minutes serving his penalty they lost 6-3. After the game he and his father, who he called Stony because of his stone-like personality, had dinner. Oliver wasnít very fond of his father because his father always seems to be better than him and he always wants to out do his father. That night Oliver called Jenny and she enjoyed his story about his fight and they had a long conversation.
The next day Oliver and Jenny get into a fight about Oliverís father. Jenny thinks Oliver should respect and love his father because her mother was killed in a car accident when she was a child and she knows if his dad dies he is going to wish he knew him better. Oliver hates him because of the expectations he puts on him to get good grades and be All-Ivy like the generations of Barretts before him.
Oliver and Jenny, after a long relationship, decide to get married. They go to Oliverís parents house so Jenny can meet his parents. Jenny is amazed at how wealthy his parents are with their huge mansion and all their portraits and trophies. They stay for dinner and coffee afterwards.
The next day when Oliver asks his father what he thinks about Jennifer and they get into a fight over it. His dad thinks that he is rebelling against him by marrying a poorer lower social class person at such a young age. He says that he should wait until he graduates from law school and if it is true love it can wait. Oliver gets mad and leaves his dads life and becomes independent so he can marry Jenny. Jenny brought Oliver to meet her father at his house in Cranston. His name was Phil and he was a jolly man with a good Italian appetite. He was happy for both of them but asked about where they were going to get married because they had different religions. They had decided to have the ceremony where the college chaplain presides and the man and the women address themselves. Meanwhile Oliver had to ask for a scholarship for law school next year since he lost the support and money from his dad. That year Jenny got her degree from Radcliffe and Oliver got his from degree from Harvard and was the class marshal who got to lead his class to their seats.
That Sunday they got married in the Phillips Brooks House, an old building in the north of Harvard yard. After the wedding they went out for dinner and had a great time.
The first three years of their marriage was tough because they were always trying to save money and pay off their debts. They rented an old, beat up apartment in North Cambridge to live in. Jenny worked at a school that didnít pay very much at all and when Oliver wasnít at law school he took a part time job at the post office just trying to earn just enough money to break even. Their friends never invited them to parties because they knew they couldnít afford it.
Oliver got an invitation for his fathers sixtieth birthday in the mail. Still not talking