Love Potion By: Janet Quin-Harkin
181 pages

Main Characters:

Tabitha Jane A.K.A. T. J. lived in New York but moved to Beverly Hills, California with her
Dad. When she felt like an outsider the most is when she went to Beverly Hills High. Her clothes were out
of fashion compared to everyone else. She also didn't have a tan so everyone knew she was new. All the
other popular, pretty girls from her new school had long, sun bleached hair while T. J. had brown short hair.

Sophia Baker, T. J.' s aunt used to be a famous actress but now is an outcast to the
world. She stays home all day and night and doesn't even take one step outside. She lives in a mansion, the
one where T. J. and her father are going to be staying at. All the nieghbors thinks Sophia is a witch but T. J.
just thinks she's eccentric, but soon to find out she finds a spell book and everything unfolds!

Brandon Healy: a huge movie star ( plays in "Surf City" ),rich, popular, cute, and a jerk
too! T. J. is really in love with him but she's in love with his character in "Surf City" not the real him. All
he wants from T. J. is to be the passenger in her new "made up" red Firrrai.

Jack is T. J.'s new next door neighbor. He has a good tan, his hair is sun bleached, freckles
on his nose, blue eyes. Jack first falls in love with T. J. the first time he met her. He tries to get T. J. all
throughout the book and one time he seems to get lucky.

In the book it starts off with T. J. and her friend talking in New York. She's in her
apartment with her friend Morgan watching "Surf City," their favorite show because Brandon Healy
starred in. T. J. is very in love with Brandon or as you would say his character.

T. J.'s dad is an author. He writes stuff about history like World War 2. Well he gets a
letter from his sister Sophia saying that she would like him to come to Beverly Hills to do an autobiography
on her. T. J. begs her dad to go but he hesitates because he knows that Sophia's different but he finally gets
talked into it. So T. J. and her dad drove to Beverly Hills to live with Sophia for the next year or so. T. J.
thinks it's going to be so great living in a mansion for a year or more but her dad says Sophia's a little weird.

When they arrive to the mansion T. J. realizes that her dad was right, Sophia is weird.
Sophia doesn't have a normal mansion it's gothic, different. T. J. knows there's something wrong with her
aunt when she says "You can go any where you want but don't touch anything and do not dare to go
into the attic. So one day she gets gutsy and goes up to the attic and she finds a spell book. T. J. looks
through the spell book and finds a perfect spell, to turn people into frogs! So she tries to turn he aunt into
a frog and then she goes to look for her aunt. Sophia was no where to be found! Then out of no where her
aunt appears.
T. J. next day was weird too because it was her first day of school in Beverly Hills.
Everyone thinks she's strange because she doesn't have a tan and her clothes are way out of style
compared to theirs. So she has no friends to show her around the school. She was walking through the
halls reading her schedule, not watching where she was going, and she ran into some one that she would
give her life away to me, Brandon Healy! She knocked him right on his butt! It was her first impression
and it was the worst! He got up, called her a nerd, and walked away. So T. J. knew she would have to do
something fast.
After school she ran straight home and this is where she meets her new neighbor Jack.
She thought he was kind of cute and, he thought she was drop