I hate it when stuff gets lost. But what is worse is the stupid things people say when stuff gets lost.

One of the most stupid things said is when you lose something and you tell someone hoping they will help you and they say, "So can you remember where you had it last?"

What you want to say is, "No moron, if I could remember where I had it last, it wouldn't be lost, because I would go to the place where I remember having it and pick it up and then it wouldn't be lost." But amazingly, most people who say this are just really trying to be helpful, which proves that they really are morons.

The other really stupid thing people say when they lose something and then find it is, "How come when you lose something, you always find it in the last place you look."

What moron would go on looking for something after finding whatever it was that was lost. Once you find it you quit looking, which makes the last place you look a really good place to STOP LOOKING. But I guess maybe these morons just keep on looking even though thy have found whatever it was that they were looking for because it is so much fun and then can then say that whatever it was they were looking for was NOT in the last place they looked.