Losing a best friend.

Standing at the side of the grave in the pouring rain I look down at Claire\'s coffin, wondering if this is really happening. I do not even attempt to hold the tears back as they roll down my face as the vicar asks us to pray for the one we loved and tragically lost.

Through my teary eyes I look to my left and Danny, her face stained with raindrops and tear streaks which track down her face like roads on a map. I give her hand a gentle squeeze of reassurance and her gentle sobs as I turn away. I look to my right and see her family: her mum, her dad and her two brothers all with red eyes. I step forward and drop my blood red rose onto the ivory white coffin

I think back to that night: the ear piercing screams, the blood freezing yells of terror as the car rolled down bank and smashed into the tree.

It’s not long before I find myself in the Harlow\'s lounge with David. Neither of us says a word, until we are offered a sandwich by Mrs Harlow, we both decline and sit back sighing. Then at once we start to blame ourselves for Claire’s death.

“I shouldn’t have let Jay talk her into having that last drink” sighs David. I was supposed to be watching what she drunk because I knew she was driving us home. It’s all my fault!" David sobs gently as I put my arm round him and tell him; “no David. Look. It was my fault. She suggested we got the train home. I was the one who said I’d rather buy a few more drinks than pay for a train home” at this point I start to cry. We sit and comfort one another for a few minutes.

After a while Claire\'s brother, James ,walks in.

“Look I don\'t blame either of you for what happened to Claire, but I\'d just like to know what happened from your perspective. We’ve all heard the Coroner’s report but I want to hear it from you.”

James shuts the door tightly behind him, drags a chair in front of us and sits down.

“Well..” Starts David slowly and then stops and looks at me; "Maybe you should tell him you where her best friend.” I sit for a moment thinking how on earth I should start to tell the dreadful story.

“Well as you know it was Jay’s birthday and we where going out for the evening to celebrate her turning eighteen. We started off at a small bar and then made our way down to the temptation lounge, you know the new nightclub in town.

When it got to about 11:30 Danny said she was tired and wanted to go home but Jay told her not to be a party pooper. Danny said she’d stay as long as she didn\'t have to drink any more.

At about 2:00 we decided we’d had enough, all except Jay of course. Jay said if we would stay a little while longer she would buy the next round of drinks. We all groaned but of course agreed to stay. Claire said she would only have another drink if we could catch the train home because she would not be able to drive home in that state.

Then I.... I said....I said I wouldn\'t get the train because I wouldn\'t have enough left for any more drinks. So we all decided that Claire would have to drive us home because none of us had our licences except her.

Jay insisted Claire had just one more drink. David even said to Jay to leave her because she had to drive, but Jay wouldn\'t stop going on at her, telling her she was spoiling her party.

What happened next none of us saw or could even imagine. Jay slipped something into Claire\'s drink. Why she did it none of us know. It wasn\'t till we were in the car and Claire’s head was ‘lolling’ and she started groaning that we realised something wasn\'t right. Then Claire yelled something about someone being after us but when David looked back there was no one there. The street