Lord of the Flies


Most people around the world sees the world in different ways. It was the same case with the characters in the book Lord of the Flies, by William Golding. In this paper it will talk about three characters who each saw the world differently, the three characters are Ralph, Simon, and Jack. If most people see the world in the same way then life would be boring, but if they saw it in different ways many different things would happen.

Ralph saw the world in a more democratic and peaceful way. The most important thing to him was to get off the horrible island. He was voted in as the chief of the boys, but later on no one listened to him, cause of Jack and his barbaric ways took his power. Ralph used the conch as the device to call for assemblies, but later on in the story the conch loses its power. Ralph stands for common sense and a desire for normal civilized life. "We must make a fire. A fire! Make a fire!" said Ralph, fire was one of the most important things to him. He said if they build the fire someone might see the smoke it produces and then someone might come rescue them of the island. The rest of the boys agreed a first, but after a couple of days they just ignore it and go off hunting . Later on Ralph looses his powers to Jack and then two sides were formed. What happens to Ralph is that he was being hunted by Jack and his savages. They thought Ralph is a threat to their power and wanted him to be killed. Ralph was hiding in the forest and the best way to force him out of the forest was to set the forest on fire. A plane saw the fire and eventually sent someone down there and they were found. The fire was the main thing that got them off the island. If they listened to Ralph earlier they would’ve been off the island long time ago. For Ralph good humanity had been forced into an outlaw existence, and evil was chasing it. If they do what Ralph said everything would be in control but they ignored him and lot of tragedies happened.

Simon saw the world in a Christ-like way. Golding depicts Simon as a very quiet and caring boy. Simon is a very significant character because just like Christ, he gives love and sincerity and gets killed in return. Simon first shows his Christ-like appeal in his kindly attitude towards the littleuns. Simon shows his compassion by picking fruit for the children and beseeching them to come unto him. In chapter 8 Simon is lost in the forest and he stumbles upon a Pigs heads. Because of the heat Simon begins to have hallucinations that the pig head is talking to him. The pig’s head or the Lord of the Flies begins to tempt and discourage Simon. Lord of the Flies means the devil. When Simon found out that the beast was just a man with a parachute he was going to tell the rest of the boys to put their worries to an ease. In a ironic turn of events it turns out that Simon was mistaken for the beast and when he is crawling out to inform the boy he is brutally killed. They stabbed him to death with their spears.

Jack Merridew the leader of the group of choirboys and then later appointed as the chief of the hunters, is Ralph’s main antagonist. He is a savage. Ralph goal was to make a fire and with the fire they might get of the island, but Jacks goal was to hunt and to have fun. He was the one who said that they would not act like savages but in the end they were the savages. He took over the leadership from Ralph by overthrowing him, and while he was leader two boys died under his leadership. They stabbed Simon to death and they Smashed poor Piggy with a big boulder. He was the one to come up with the saying "Kill the Pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood,"