"Lord of the Flies."
In William Golding's, "Lord of the Flies," the group of young boys demonstrates many different types of examples of friendship. In the beginning of the novel, everyone seemed to be friends and were able to get along together. As the times changed on the island, the boys grew more and more apart due to constant fighting and quarrels. These arguments finally came to the breaking of the two tribes, Jack's and Ralph's. Jack's tribe only wanted to hunt and have fun, while Ralph's was more focused on having a strong orderly assembly. Even though the tribes always fought, Ralph's kindness to Piggy, The boys loyalty to Jack, and Ralph's caring for the boys are some examples of how friendship played a role in the novel.
One example of friendship in the novel is the many examples of kindness Ralph showed to Piggy. Throughout the entire novel, Piggy was treated rudely by Jack, who always gave him a hard time. But everytime that Piggy was scared, hit or put down by Jack, Ralph was always there by his side to comfort him. Ralph even marched over to where Jack's tribe was staying to demand that they give the specs that they had stolen from Piggy back because it was unfair that Piggy could no longer see. The also needed his specs to start the fire, which they wanted to use for fire, in order to send out a sign to be rescued. It probably hurt Ralph a lot when Piggy died towards the end of the novel, because Piggy was his only true friend, and he was the only one who Ralph could talk to. It was clear that Piggy was the only one who understood Ralph when Jack began to give him trouble about being chief. Throughout the entire book, Ralph went to Piggy for all of his advice on what he should do with his situations, and Piggy was the only one who could help him. This showed the strong bond between the two boys.
A second example of friendship wasn't actually friendship. Lots of people showed a lot of kindness and loyalty towards Jack, but only because they were afraid of him. Jack was really a mean character, and most people were only his friend because they were afraid of what he was capable of doing with his power. An example of how people were kind to him was when Jack had been hunting and he let the fire go out when a ship had passed, and the only person who had the courage to stand up to him was Ralph. All of the other people who had been hunting would not say a word because they were afraid of what Jack might do. Piggy said something and Jack punched him and broke one of his glasses. Jack played a very important role in the story, because he was one that was easily a ruler just because everyone was afraid of him. He did not have any friends, just a bunch of scared boys who followed him, but they all pretended to be his friend.
Lastly, an example of how friendship played a role in this book was when Ralph went with the hunters to go looking for the beast and night was coming, he made sure he had sent someone back to their camp to tell Piggy that they would be home late. This example not only showed just how much Ralph liked Piggy, but it also showed that he cared for all of the smaller children too. He wanted to make sure that since Piggy was watching all of the children, and that they understood they would be in later than expected. If the children were more mature, then they would have realized that Ralph cared more for them than Jack did, and they would not have ran off with Jack to his tribe. They would have realized that it was safer with Ralph and it was better to have him as chief.