lord of the flies
Literature: Book Report #3

1. The title of my novel is Lord of The Flies. It is written by a well known
author William Golding. This book is a classic. The book’s copyright year
was 1954. It was published by The Putnam Publishing group. Its is therefore
considered a Perigee book.

2. This story takes place on an island in an ocean. It is never mentioned
where it is located in the real world. The island is tropical and shaped like
boat. At the low end are the jungle and the orchards, which rise up to the
treeless and rocky mountain ridge. There are no adults on the island and
are only children. Therefore they must survive on their own and yet get
Here is a quote from the book that describes the setting:
“The pink granite of the next cliff was further back from the creepers
and trees so that they could trot up the path. This again let into more open
forest so that they has a glimpse of the spread sea.” (p.27)
This quote explains how there are cliffs and behind them are trees, which is
the jungle, and also shows how if you go up a path you can see an open
ocean. This proving it is an island.

3. This novel has many characters. I chose the three characters I liked best.
The three characters I like best are Ralph, Jack, and Piggy.
The first main character is Ralph. Ever character is given a name that
fits their personality. For Ralph it originally came from the Anglo-Saxon
language, it means "counsel." Ralph is an attractive boy who is the leader of
most of the story. He seems to be a natural leader because he knows how to
keep an organized plan. He has a rather steady control of the other boys
Jack causes it to change. He has fair hair, blond and seems to have a good
life. He is twelve years old. Ralph is like Adam in the garden of Eden, like
child left alone to play his favorite games. He has the luck of having
There is recklessness in his manner. He is happy about living on an island
without adults. The setting supports his dream of being a protagonist in an
adventure. He enjoys the exciting life of the jungle and is optimistic about
being rescued. Unfortunately he soon loses confidence and calmness and
starts to allow himself to dream about things in the past and fantasies he
He is quick to assess his situations and is aware of the things that must be
done for survival. He knows that there should be meetings, a fire in case
someone comes to rescue them, and shelter is also needed. He is very
intelligent for a child. He also listens to the advice of Piggy. However he
do foolish acts such as joining in the murder of Simon. Ralph undergoes a
profound change of personality during the island stay. Because of Jack's
aggressiveness, the fear of the beast, and his own insistence on a signal
Ralph begins to wrestle with the problems of being a leader. The playful part
of his nature is lost as he begins to recognize that he does not have Piggy's
skill for thinking. Unsuccessfully, he tries to ponder the boys' fears and to
like an adult. He becomes more considerate of others as his self-awareness
grows. Overall he is the all-around, basically good person. He is not
but he recognizes the need for responsibility, and he takes it on even though
he is not particularly skilled at it. He is not as smart as Piggy nor
religious as
Simon but he dreams of the dreams of freedom. Here is a quote from the book
that shows the characteristics of Ralph:
“Listen everybody. I’ve got to have time to think things out. I can’t
decide what to do straight off. If this isn’t an island we might be rescued
away. So we’ve got to decide if this is an island. Everybody must stay round
here and wait and not go away. Three of use- if we take more we’d get all
mixed up, as lose each other- three of us will go on an expedition and fin
I’ll go, and Jack, and. . .”(pg.. 23-24)
This shows how Ralph is a strong and organized leader. He is calm and
knows what to do and clearly explains for what he plans to do.

The second main character is Jack Merridew. Jack comes from
Hebrew and means "one who supplants," one who