Lord of the Flies

Lord Of The Flies has many apperant moral virtues that are believed to be important in people, In William Goldingís opinion the moral needed in humans is leadership and acceptance of different opinions. The virtues I believe are needed is the virtue of an open mind, contrary to me some experts believe that an open mind is not needed but intelligence, a good work ethic and an open mind.

William Golding tries to show us what he believes moral virtues in humans to be like in his book Lord Of The Flies. If William Golding were alive today he would answer the question what are the main moral virtues that a human being should have with two responses, the quality of leadership, and the ability to listen to others while accepting their criticism.

In the book, Golding repeatedly has the boys struggle with the official leader of the island. In chapter two the boy's struggle can be seen with the following passage, Jack seized the conch. "Ralph's right of course. There isn't a snake-thing. But if there was a snake we'd hunt it and kill it." This passage shows Jack's disreguard for the choosen leader. If Jack had shown the ability of acceptance of Ralph's ideas and everyone else's on the island no might have died.

Ralph also shows how important leadership is in keeping things together, in the next passage Golding shows us a loss of leadership equals a loss of life, ".........every path was an improvisation and a considerable part of one's waking life was spent watching one's feet (76-77)." In the chapters following that Simon dies due to Ralph's momentary loss of leadership.

Golding has many times where he shows us in his book what good leadership accomplishes and what bad leadership destroys, he also seems to constantly remind us that we need to listen to others not just ourselfs.

While Golding believes acceptance and leadership to be important virtues I feel in my lifetime that I and others would succeed more often if I and others around me had an open mind about everything in life, thatís why I feel an open mind would be the best virtue to possess.

In our world of fast paced coffee espresso world we do so much wrong that we donít even see or acknowledge what wrongs we have committed. The pure fact that a high school senior may have more say then a high school freshman is morally wrong; who is to say that age brings wisdom? I can easily think of faculty, teachers, and parents who have the same arrogant attitude that were grown while attending high school. Many of the people we look up to today donít have the moral virtues needed to live a long and happy life. I can easily think of a gym teacher I had last semester, which seemed intent on causing the non-sporty non-preps of our gym class pain and agony. He unknowingly favored the sporty athletic kids of our class. Sad to say I wasnít one of the sporty kids. He was quoted saying, ďathletic kids succeed in life!Ē The only question in my mind after that lovely time was, Iím not sporty does that mean I wonít succeed in life?

People need to have an open mind in everything. Thatís why I picked an open mind as my virtue, because I feel no one really has one, and those who do claim to own an open mind, generally donít have one either. Thereís not a day where I go through school and see someone being judged. I try to keep an open mind and leave my bad judgments until the person commits an error.

The gym teacher for my last semester did not have what I could call an open mind, because Iím sure some athletic kids do succeed in life, though not all of the kids who succeed have been in sports, Einstein was the biggest, ďnerdĒ but yet due to his knowledge the death of many people during WWII was evaded.

An open mind is scarcely owned by people. I would love it if everyone had an open mind because it would the many events we have had so far could have