Long road home
Hallo. My name is Laddie, and I am a dog. My master is a boy, called Jimmie. Now I want to share my exciting story with you.

I was walking around in the garden, when I sore Jimmie came out from the house, with some big box’s. Then Jimmie’s mom came out with a table. It was funny because they put the stuff in the van. First it seemed very mysterious, but then I woke up and smelt the fresh paint. We were moving from our lovely house. First I didn’t want to believe it, but then I came to my senses and I ran as fast as I could over to one of my doggie friends, Boogie, near-by. Boogie was in the middle of a big bone, in the garden. “Boogie”, I barked. ”Hey there, Laddie. What’s up” I pushed the bone away from Boogie, or ells he wouldn’t listen. Boogie where the biggest food lover I had ever known. “What are you doing?” Boogie barked. “Just listen now, I have something very important to tell you” I laid down, beside my friend. “Jimmie and his parents are moving. I don’t know where, but far away I think” I looked at Boogie. “Maybe we’re never going to see each other again” Just the sound of the words was very sad.

Well. Boogie and I said goodbye, but not with out crying. And suddenly I realized that I had been gone in 6 hours, and Jimmie didn’t know anything about my friend Boogie. When I came back, Jimmie and the van were gone. I ran over to the door of Jimmie’s house, but it was locked, and then I saw through the window, that there were all empty. Suddenly it hit me. Jimmie was gone. Then I filled alone and very sad.

The neighbor had a big male cat, who I had been talking to, a few times before. The cat was called Clinton, and named after the, at the time, president of the USA. Clinton told me that Jimmie, and his parents had to go, and that Jimmie cried a lot when he found out that I was gone. Luckily Clinton heard where they were going, and I wroth the address in my memory. Then I ran over to Boogie, and he was so glad when he sow me again. I told him everything, and his first comment was. “I will help you, and then you will get home to Jimmie, I promise”

That very same day, Boogie and I were on our way to Springfield. Boogie knew almost every dog and cat in the whole country. We ran down to the harbor, where Boogie had a dog friend, on a boat.

“Now we are here,” Boogie said. Boogie was a very special friend to me, so I knew what I had to do. I looked at Boogie and said. “It is very nice of you to go with me, but you can’t just leave your family like that” “Oh I wish that I could just go with you Laddie, but I will be in your heart all the time. I still promise you that you will find Jimmie”

Then I leaved Boogie and sailed a long way, over the ocean. Luckily Boogie’s friend would follow me to Jimmie’s house. We sailed away in 2 days, and I had only been eating two fish, and drunken a little bit of water, so I was very hungry.

When we came to land, I followed the dog, but we had to be cried, or ells the human that owned the boat we sailed with, probably would be very mad. The dog said that I had to drive a long way to get to Springfield, so we got in the back of a big truck, and then the trip went to Jimmie.

There we sad in a big truck, but there where very dark. “Well what’s you name?” the dog said. “Laddie, and yours” I asked. “Well, my name is IP, and it stands for independent” “But why independent” I asked. IP looked at me, and said. “I’ve grew up with out any humans´ around me, only street dogs´ like my self. I am not depending of human