Living The Impossible

Dylan Holcomb

Is it possible to be a moral individual in todays immoral society. In my opinion the answer is yes. Absolute morality is an obtainable goal. The real question is, why would it be done and are there any true moral people left today?

The real problem to being a completely moral person is what has to be given up. To succeed in life today people must be stepped on. If money, a nice house, a nice car, and a family is what todays optimistic high school graduate is looking for then morality need not be an issue. In the world today those who succeed are the ones who abandon the ethics they have been taught. In the process to success they lie, cheat, and still. They will commit fornication to reach the top. Anything that presents an obstacle will be overcome by any means possible. If this is what the high school graduate is up against they must stoop down and find themselves.

Those who use their lack of morals to their advantage do not truly believe that they are doing something wrong. They have their own guidelines. There are things that these deviants will not even consider doing. If asked, an adulterous husband would not even consider committing murder and a murderer would not consider cheating on his wife. Everyone has their own set of standards and morals. There is no absolute truth. If anyone wants to succeed in todays world they must set up their own truth, live their own life and be their own person. Individualism is sacred.

In the real world the knights have all passed on. Today in the classified careers looking for a heroic individual experienced in damsel in distress rescuing, jousting, and persons full of integrity are few and far between. In all actuality, if read into, the ad says those with morals need not apply. Even in the Christian world the wonderful men of God are just as deceitful, full of lies, and lust as the rest of us. This reminds me of a funny story. One time a preacher/missionary came to my church asking for money to build an orphanage. He had the raspy voice of a person who smoked one too many Paul Mauls. This thief was weary a tailored Armoni suit, a gold rolex watch and a diamond studded pinky ring yet he was able to suck out of my church ten thousand dollars. Why not just sell the ring and by the damn orphanage. The reason the knights have left is because today people want to be taken advantage of, they want to believe that people are generally good. The knight trade was no longer profitable and they changed positions. They went from, men of integrity, honor, and loyalty, to men of deceit wearing a vascade of goodness. Morality has ended because there is no use for it today, and the society we live in does not want it.