Living on campus is better

When many highschool seniors finally decide what college to attend, they are again faced with many decisions like what financial aid to take, what courses to take, what extracurricular activities, and whether to live on campus or to live at home. Most students go to a school out of state, so the decision of whether to live on campus or at home is easily made. Other students who will attend a college in their home town debate about where is better to live, at home or on campus. Although living at home has its benefits, living on campus provides college students with a good social climate, the responsibility of living on one's own, and a source of better access to college utilities.
Many students would agree that living on campus is a great social opportunity. Living on campus helps students become closer to their friends because if they all live in one big dorm then a person can get up anytime and go see one of his classmates. If a student has that special someone living on campus, it becomes easier to go spend time together. These kinds of things can't be done at home. Staying on campus provides the student with information on upcoming parties and parties still being planned. Being able to hear about parties ahead of time and a chance at making more friends is a reason why some students prefer to live on campus.
Living on campus without parental supervision is a good source of responsibility. Living on his or her own, the college student must cope with the responsibility of adulthood. Staying at home means not to have to buy food or pay any bills such as the phone bill. When one is on his own it is his responsibility to use his money wisely. If he wastes money he will not have much to eat. Living at home means one's parents will get him up in the morning to go to class. Living on one's own means that they can party all night if they want to, but they must be able to make themselves go to class in the morning or else they will fail. Living on campus makes students realize that they need to learn responsibility.
When living on campus all the necessities that a student needs become within reach. Living at home means one has to get up every day and travel to class or to the library or to the computer lab. Normally the computer lab and the library are in the same building, and living on campus means getting up and walking down the street, sometimes not even that far.
Living at home may be a good choice for college, but if one wants to develop and mature, the better choice is to live on campus. Living on campus provides a better social life, a better way of developing maturity, and a convenience to college utilities. Living at home will make the college experience easier, but if one wants to take a chance at growing up, then he should live on campus.