“Little Women”

Juliana Queiroga

The book “Little Women” was written by Louisa May Alcott in 1867. Louisa May wrote “Little Women” based on the life she actually knew. In the book you can find things that relate to her life, like Jo’s painful beginning as an author and Beth’s death, which was based on the lost of her own sister of the same name. When she must give Jo a husband she is awkward, and with good reason: in real life Jo never had a suitor or a love-affair. She knew Jo as she knew no other being on earth. Alcott died in 1888.
The beginning of the story takes place in New England, during the Civil War, and goes on for several years telling the life of the March sisters. The story begins on Christmas Eve, with father away, fighting in the War, and showing how hard it is to live in that time with no money and four young girls turning into women. Time goes by and the girls go to other places, such as London, Paris and New York, they go in different times and for different reasons.
In this book we have many characters, the main ones are: the March sisters, Mrs. March and Laurie. Margaret March, was the oldest. She was the prettiest one, very plump and fair, with large eyes, brown hair. Meg was really sweet and would do anything for her sisters. At the beginning, like every teenager, Meg tries to impress on parties and marry well, but as the story goes on, she changes, she realizes how people really are, how her “friends” don’t care about her feelings, and talk behind her back. She falls in love with John, Laurie’s tutor, a very kind gentleman but very poor. They have twins: a boy, Demi; and a girl, Daisy.
Josephine March was very tall, thin and brown, and reminded one of a colt, she had a comical nose, and sharp, gray eyes. Her long, thick hair was her one beauty. Jo was a tomboy and never cared much for parties or boys, her best friend, besides her sisters, was Laurie. She had a very decided mouth, which she learned to control with her mother’s help. Jo was very caring with her family as you can see by the fact the she cut her hair off to give her mother some money, to help her father. She used to be a companion to crotchet old Aunt March. After a few years she goes to New York and becomes a newspaper writer. She marries a German Professor, Mr. Friedrich Bhaer, and has 6 boys.
Elizabeth March was a rosy, smooth-hared, bright-eyed girl, with a shy manner, a timid voice, and a peaceful expression. She loved to play the piano that Mr. Laurence, Laurie’s grandfather, gave to her. Beth was like an angel, always ready to help. Jo was her best friend, she would share with her older sister all her fears and doubts. Beth got the Scarlet Fever, while she was trying to help a German family; she got better, after a few days, thanks to her family support, but her health was forever affected and she was never the same. She died a few years later, at home, close to her family and dearest friends.
Amy March was the youngest one, she was a regular snow maiden, with blue eyes and yellow hair curling on her shoulders, pale and slender, and always carrying herself like a young lady mindful of her manners. Amy was really selfish, she was always trying to say the most complex words. She always tried to look perfect, so she would put a clothespin on her stubby nose to try to make it pointy. When she got older, she went to France with Aunt March, to become an artist. She married Laurie after Jo refused to marry him.
Mrs. March was a hard-working, caring and loving mother. She always tried to teach the girl the best way to resolve their problems, and always supported them. When Mr. March went to the War, Marmee did her best: she got a job; she would help the less fortunate, even knowing she didn’t have enough money for her own family; and she took care of the girls,