Little House on the Prairie

Katie Johnson
Period 2

I. Character Outline Form
A. Laura is the narrator of the story, she’s around the age of seven or eight, and is very adventurous.
B. Mary is Laura’s older sister; she’s very generous and kind.
C. Ma is Laura and Mary’s mother. She is a very strong woman and is a part of both Laura and Mary.
D. Pa is Laura and Mary’s father. He is very strong and good willed. He will do anything for his family.
E. Baby Carrie is Laura and Mary’s baby sister.
F. Jack is the family’s guard dog. He’s a bulldog.
G. Pet and Patty are the mustangs that they use to travel.
H. Mr. Edwards is a bachelor who is their closest neighbor. He exchanges work with Pa.
I. The Scotts are also building a home out in the prairie, and exchange work with Pa.

II. Plot
Little House on the Prairie is told through the eyes of Laura Ingalls. The land where they lived, in Wisconsin, was too settled, so Pa decided it was time to move to the West where it wasn’t as settled. So they pack up and leave on their covered wagon.
They faced many obstacles on their way through the country. They had to ford the wagon across a river. During the ford, the current picked up, and Pa had to jump out and guide Pet and Patty through the river. They left Jack, their dog, to swim across the river. They thought that he had been carried off by the current, and that they wouldn’t see him anymore. They continued on their trip and the next day Jack caught up with them.
They traveled through miles of prairie, and then finally Pa decided that they were at the perfect spot to build their house. They were close to a river, with rich farming land, and forty miles away from Independence.
They had nothing with them so they had to build a house from nothing. Pa chopped many logs, and carefully fitted them together to form the walls of the house. They met their neighbor Mr. Edwards who agreed to help them build their house, and then Pa agreed to help him build his house. They put the wagon canvas over the roof, and moved in.
Their horse, Pet, had a colt. They met more neighbors The Scotts. The wolves were all around the house now. Pa built doors for the house and the stable, and also built a hearth and fireplace. With the help of their neighbors, they also built a roof and a floor. Indians are starting to appear, and they dug a well.
Some cowboys came to the area, and asked Pa for his help. He helped them out and got a cow and a calf. During the summer, the Indians were scarce, so Pa, Laura and Mary went exploring in the deserted camps, and found many pretty beads.
There were many mosquitoes in the area, and they got many bites. The whole family got sick, and it was Malaria. A doctor was passing through, Jack got him to come to the house, and he saved all of their lives.
A fire broke out in the chimney, and Ma had to put it out. Laura ran inside, and pulled Mary and Carrie away from the fire, and saved their lives.
Pa had to make a trip to Independence to get some things they needed. It was a four-day trip, and on the fourth day, Mary and Laura waited for Pa. They couldn’t believe the things he brought home, like white sugar and white flour.
The Indians were coming back again, and they were all around the house. Jack didn’t like the Indians, and tried to attack them. Pa knew that if Jack bit an Indian it would be really bad, so Jack had to be tied up at all times.
Christmas time came, and Laura and Mary didn’t expect Santa to come, because of the current of the creek. They go to sleep Christmas Eve disappointed. So that the girls would have a Christmas, Mr. Edwards swam through the cold water to deliver their presents from Santa.
There was a huge prairie fire that almost got their house, except that Pa and Ma smothered the fire with wet sacks.
The Indians were making a lot of