Literary File

The Hobbit
J. R. R. Tolkien
Fantasy - Fiction Book

Section I.

The Protagonists:

1-Gandalf the Wizard

Gandalf was one of the main characters of the book. He was the one the basically provided for and motivated the hobbit and the dwarves to go on with the adventure. He was a very cunning wizard and was always thinking and moving ahead of the others.

Example Number 1:
At the very first of the novel, he went to Bilbo Baggins' burrow to try to convince him to come on a treasure hunting adventure. Bilbo doesn't accept at first, but Gandalf doesn't give up. On the way out of the burrow, he makes a sign on Bilbo's front door advertising him as a common burglar. Even though Bilbo didn't really want to come, Gandalf didn't give up.

Example Number 2:
Throughout the story, Gandalf would always be there for the dwarves, even though their attitudes and actions didn't really deserve anything. He helped them out when the trolls had captured them, and numerous other times as well. This shows he could still help out and have a positive attitude when the people around him didn't.

The Antagonists:

1-Bilbo Baggins the Hobbit

Bilbo, even though he was the main character, was really one of the main antagonists of the story. Although he wanted to be on the adventure some of the time, the reader should really notice that he complains about almost everything including lack of food, sleeping conditions, things the dwarves say and do, and other little things that are scattered among the book. But he's a good guy, even though he complained a lot. Throughout the story, he proves to be a courageous person as well.

Example Number 1:
At the first of the novel, starting on page 20, the dwarves start to arrive unexpected at Bilbo's door. He had never met these dwarves, and he was constantly complaining to himself about their hospitality. The dwarves asked for some more food, and Bilbo was getting rather annoyed about them eating all his food.

"Confusticate and bebother these dwarves!" he said aloud. "Why don't they come and lend a hand?"

The dwarves were there to invite him to go and get riches beyond his belief, and he was complaining about getting a little food for them.

Other Antagonists:

All of the dwarves were antagonists at times during the story. But at other times, they'd seem really enthusiastic about the journey and would sing little songs while they went down the road.

Section II.

Man (Hobbit and Dwarves) VS. Nature:

Throughout the book, the "Company" went through towns, forests, mountains, rivers, lakes, storms, and even giant spiders. They had to fight through the natural and supernatural forces of nature to get to the Lonely Mountain to get the treasure. Most of their problems came from storms meeting them on their way. Going through the forests and caves proved to be quite difficult as well.

Man (Hobbit and Dwarves) VS. Man (Trolls, Elves, Dragons, Orcs, and Other weird creatures):


At different points of the book, the reader can see the many conflicts with the many different kinds of creatures. The very first one in the book was the conflict with the trolls. Bilbo and the dwarves were walking through the forest when it was very dark and rainy, with little food and no fire. They saw a little light in the distance, and they told Bilbo to go and find out what it was. So he went, and found three trolls sitting around a fire grumbling about the food they had to eat. When Bilbo tried to lift something out of one of the trolls pockets, the troll caught him and eventually caught all the dwarves except Thorin. Bilbo and Thorin try to drive away the trolls with fiery logs. But that doesn't work at all. Eventually, Gandalf returns and tricks the trolls, and they turn into stone.

Orcs (Goblins):

After they "conquered" the trolls, they went on with their journey. It starts to rain, and they find shelter in a cave. But unbeknownst to them, the cave was part of an orc colony. They are captured by the orcs and are held captive. Gandalf, once again, comes to their rescue and kills the Goblin King and frees his friends.


On the way out of the goblin tunnels, Bilbo is knocked unconscious and is