Persuasive Essay

Life, when does it start? Does it start when you are a fetus, when you start to develop a heart, emerge from within the mother womb, or is it now? To us, life starts when we realize that we have a role in society and have duties to fulfill. Remember the earliest part of your childhood- would you consider your life starting then, at that point in time, or later on? The most memorable moments from your childhood would be the particularly joyful times, like Santa dropping by for a visit on Christmas Eve, and waking up the next morning only to find exactly what you were expecting under that Christmas tree. As well as the scary moments, such as the malicious monster under your bed, or the sandman peeking through the cracks in your closet. Can’t forget the unhappy moments, when your father or mother couldn’t make it for your sport team playoffs, or when your best friend is unfortunately forced to move away. Regardless of all these moments, would you recall life starting at that point? To many individuals, life is nothing, and to some, it means everything.

Perception of life is very broad; every being has their own judgment and opinion towards it. As the expression goes, “The child is father to the man”, stating the fact that a child is a child, till he (a male in this case) has grown into a man. A child has very limited knowledge of his or her environment and surroundings and therefore, is not able to distinguish or comprehend the “beauty” that you, as an adult sees in certain aspects of this world. As a child, you have the capability of good and evil, but as time moves on, your view of the world changes; leaving you with only one of those choices. An adult should recognize the difference between right and wrong, but the actions we commit is due to whatever capacity we have within us. In most cases, because life itself is so beautiful, our capacity of good is higher than that of evil. However, we do have the unfortunates, which have the capacity of evil greater than of good- leading them down a path of hate and envy of others. Nevertheless, even at that point, do we realize and believe that life has started for us? People of different cultures and religions believe that life starts when one has accomplished a family. On the other hand, life doesn’t have the chance to start, because it has always been there. It is we, the people, who have to realize this, believe it, and experience it to call it life.