Life is about choices and so is death, although for many people the choice of life or death is not theirs to make. The person in question, a fetus, is an innocent, unsuspecting life that did not choose to be given life, nor will or can it choose to die. That choice of whether to abort or keep, kill or let live, is made solely by the woman carrying that little person. Abortion is a topic with many controversial sides and arguments, and like many other issues have exceptions. Although in the case of abortion, there are only some certain, few exceptions that make aborting an unborn child acceptable. The life of a fetus is special and unique and should be regarded as such, but unfortunately it is considered a burden, a mishap, or just bad luck, and therefore expendable. Abortion, with only certain exceptions, is morally objectionable due to the immorality of depriving the value of future life, the irresponsibility because of it being used as a form of birth control, and denying the overall will of God.
In order to concentrate on the main points, it is necessary to first explain what the certain exceptions are when it comes to abortion. Michael Klitsch, the editor of Family Planning Perspectives conducted telephone interviews and discovered "with a randomly chosen group of 1,007 men and women aged 18 and older confirmed that about half of Americans(51%) believe abortion should be legally available ‘only under certain [unspecified] circumstances'."(194). This helps prove that the fetus' life needs to be respected, but the life of the woman, if seriously endangered, needs to be considered first and foremost. These endangerments are when rape or incest occurs and in turn impregnate the woman, or if the fetus is seriously deformed, will definitely be still born, or if it is infected with some kind of life threatening disease or distortion leading to a severely painful, abnormal life; both of these causing severe mental distress to the woman. Also, another endangerment is where the woman's life is seriously threatened by the fetus because of medical problems, which would be considered true self-defense. Medical problems can be physical or extreme, severe mental cases determined by certified doctors. These are hard reasons in conditional abortion, the acceptance of abortion under certain circumstances (Figueira-McDonough,32).
"The future of a standard fetus includes a set of experiences, projects, activities, and such which are identical with the futures of adult human beings and are identical with the futures of young children"(Marquis, 30). To abort this fetus would be morally wrong because you are robbing it of all the qualities of life it rightfully deserves. Why should the life of a fetus be regarded as nothing more than a blob of tissue? It should not be. It is more of a life than given credit for. It is just a silent life at the moment, completely temporary, not by any means permanent. Peter S. Wenz says:
...even if indifference were acceptable in the case of persistently vegetative
individuals, the same would not follow for the fetus. Characteristically, the fetus is
temporarily, not permanently, incapable of engaging in distinctively human activities.
Allow it to develop and its activities will be distinctively human. Thus a fetus is more
like a person who is temporarily unconscious than one who is persistently vegetative.
Just as we do not deny personhood and the right to life to the temporarily unconscious, we should not deny personhood and the right to life to the temporarily immature.(172-173)
I feel that this points out that the value of the fetus' future life is important and has as much of a right to flourish, grow, and eventually experience as any other adult human being, including the woman carrying it. It is not to determine personhood, but to show that the fetus is capable of having a future like any other human being.
Abortion is immoral because the future of life is stripped away. It does not matter that most parts of the future were not yet fully valued, but that those parts will come to be valued as it grows older and the values and capacities change (Marquis, 28). Everyone deserves the chance to experience all the wonders , and even the downfalls, of life, whether they