Life is a very important item that people can have. There can be many aspects that keep a person alive, and many aspects of it that can make a person try to kill themselves. Juvenal once said, "Count it the greatest sin to prefer mere existence to honour, and for the sake of life to lose reason for living." He meant that it is the biggest sin to choose a normal life to an honourable life, and to live life just for living rather than living for a purpose. This quote is probably one that many people can argue to believe in. Many literary elements can be used for analysize. Charecterization was used in for the analysize of Hamlet and Fortinbras in the play Hamlet, by William Shakespeare.
Hamlet is a character that agrees with the critical lens. The setting of the play is in the castle Elsinore, in Denmark. It is a dark time period during this play. Hamlet is the son of Gertrude and dead King Hamlet. He is also the stepson of the sovereign of Denmark, Claudius. Hamlet wants to commit suicide in the beginning of the play. He believes he has no purpose for living because his mom married his uncle Claudius and because Claudius usurped Hamlets right to be king. After Hamlet talks to King Hamlet's ghost he got a purpose to live, revenge. He has to fordoe Claudius to revenge his fathers' death. As a result, Hamlet stops thinking about commiting suicide. Fortinbras is almost like Hamlet in the his purpose for living.
Fortinbras also has many qualities that show that the critical lens is true. He is from Norway, son of the dead King Fortinbras who lost Norway to Denmark. Before, Fortinbras was goin to attack Denmark, until Voltimand went to his uncle and asked him to tell Fortinbras to stop. Then, Fortinbras asked for free passage through Denmark so he could attack Poland. He recieved that right from King Claudius. Fortinbras has one purpose that he is living for at the moment of the play. That purpose is to revenge his father's death and regaining the land his father lost to King Hamlet. Fortinbras uses his plan to attack Poland as an excuse to go into Denmark and attack without them expecting it. In the end Fortinbras got what he wanted plus more. He recieved Norway and Denmark because there was noone of royal blood left in Elsinore after the posionous massacre.
The similarity between Hamlet and Fortinbras is that both of them lost a father, both are princes, and most important is that both had the same purpose for living, revenge. The difference between them is that one procrastinates aobut it and the other does it. They both help the arguement to agree with Juvenal's quote. He said that its the worst sin to live a life without honor, to live without a purpose.