We have been interested in Libya for quite a while. So we decided to do a project about it. In this
paper you will read about three major points: first we would like to write about the history of Libya, second
about the agriculture, and third about some general stuff. I hole that by reading this you learn a lot of new
stuff about Libya.
In the 1960ís anti-western started to spread from Egypt to Libya. Once this happened the country
started to become politically unstable. During this unrest in 1969 a military coup successfully over though
the monarchy. The group was led by Colonel Mummer al-Qaddafi. The colonel decided to make it the
Libyan Arab Jumrahrya. He took all the countries money and spread it among the people.
Libya is a very rich country because it has good national resources and is a member of the
OPEC(organization, petroleum, exporting, country). Itís national recourses are petrol, gas, gypsum, salt,
and fish. Also it has many agriculture products. The fruit and vegetables section has stuff like tomatoes,
watermelons, olives, potatoes, oranges, and citrus fruits. the meat section has stuff like camels, goats, cattle,
and sheep. The other section has almonds, onions, wheat, barley, peanuts, and dates. Libya has many major
industries. Those major industries are cement, urea, ammonia, menthol, ethylene, asphalt, and steal. Also
there are petrol products, textiles, and handy crafts.
The official language of Libya is Arabic but English and Italian are also spoken. Their religion is
Islam and 97% of the Muslims are Sunni. The official name is the Libyan Arab Jumrahiya and the leader is
colonel Mummer Al-Quaddafi. The currency is the dinar and twenty eight american cents is equal to one
Libyan dinar. In Libya the use the metric system. The time there is two hours past GMT. The main
sicknesses are typhoid fever, hepatitis, and plague. You can use two hundred and forty vaults of electricity
there. The population is six million five hundred thousand and the population of the capital Tripoli is about
two million. An other big city Benghazi has the population of seven hundred thousand people. The area of
Libya is one million seven hundred fifty nine thousand four hundred and fifty square kilometers. Libya has
the same climate as the rest of the Mediterranean on the coast and on the land there is desert weather. Some
geographical sites are the Sahara desert, gulf!
of Sidra, the Mediterranean and Al-Sawda plateau. The national anthem starts with Allah Akbar.
We hope that you have enjoyed reading our paper. We also hope that you have learned something
about Libya. It was an interesting time which we had worked on this project. We have learned that as Arabs
it is a cool country. We learned many interesting things on Libya.


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