Hua Xiayu and Luo Junjun really miss Jet. It is hard for them to sleep at night because of Jet running through their mind. They know there is no other dog like Jet. They always felt Jet was a key part in their life and he knew what was happening all of the time. It was like Jet was there to protect them in any way he could. The way Hau came upon Jet was like it was meant to happen. They wished day by day that they would someday have a dog like Jet again.

Hua and Luo’s relationship was not going well. They were like every relationship having little problems here and there. They really needed something that would light their fire. They started to make love every chance they could get. They wanted to have a child. After 6 months of trying, Luo could not get pregnant. So they finally decided to go and get another dog.

They were talking to their friends on the way to the public market to get dinner and a little Chinese boy was giving away dogs. Hua and Luo talked it over for a few minutes and then decided to get a dog. The only reason they decided on the dog is because Luo could not get pregnant. Hua and Luo really wanted a child over a dog but they really had no choice. They took the dog that most reminded them of Jet. Low and behold they named the dog Jet.

After owning the new dog for a couple of months things were getting better. Their relationship was on the rise. They knew the new Jet was nothing compared to the old one but for some reason things were becoming better when Jet was around. Jet was like the old one in so many ways, it was like this Jet knew what was going on, just like the old Jet. They had to understand that this Jet could never replace the old one.