Les Meserable

In the movie watched in class there are two characters which play the role of the main characters. These characters are Valjean and the Inspector. These two characters are polar opposites in moral and law. Valjean is a man who believes second chances should be brought to those who deserve them. The Inspector is a man who believes the rules of law shall never be broken therefore his life is lived by the book. It is very interesting on how these two cope with the differences they possess.

These two characters met on the prison ground, where Valjean was the prisoner and the Inspector was the prison guard. At the jail Valjean was warped and traumatized. He promises himself that he will never go back to this place. These series of traumatizing events is the spark to the whole story.

Valjean is a man that was once evil and corrupt until a traumatic experience happened with a priest, now he is humble and wise. He believes this is his second chance to live life the way he should have started. The Inspector will not put down his gun until Valjean seeks the justice that was going to be brought to him. In the sense of law these two men contrast in a very different way. Valjean believes in law but he wants to be left alone because he is no longer the same man he once was, he is a Mayor, helping people in every way, he is trying to make the best out of the rest of his life. The absence of chains around Valjeans wrists doesnít phase the Inspector, Valjean is still the same man that he once over saw in the prison.

These two men are battling mentally for awhile. Both very powerful thinkers they call each others moves with ease. Valjean tries to stay in the shade of his new life yet the Inspector keeps shining a little bit of light in the true Valjean which starts to scare him. Its a chase that seems to be endless, for both these men know each others moves so its hard to hide yet it is easy. Its hard to explain because you have to be in the situation of knowing someoneís every move. Valjean gets away to hide for 10 years with his new love of the little girl.

After leaving his hiding place he starts another life yet again. The Inspector is relentless in the chase, even 10 years later he tries to find this man that is still testing his ability to capture him. He will not fall after 50 years so 10 is nothing to him. Valjean is worried again but he knows what he has to do, keep hiding. These men have grown a passion for each other, not sure if its a love but a true passion. They have been in the chase for a very long time, just these two men, no one else. It is a very personal experience for these two men. Once confronted with each other face to face, the Inspector is roped up with the intention of Valjean killing him. Valjean can kill him, well he can but he wonít. He cuts the rope and lets him go. The Inspector is shocked with huge amazement. The Inspector wonít give up though, he will not be defeated by any weakness he carries. Once the tables have turned he is put to the test of killing Valjean, the man that has brought him many years of headaches. His compassion for this man turns him to think what has he being doing for the past years chasing him. He realizes he is wrong and canít forgive himself. He cuts Valjean free and kills himself. It was a act of dignity, he couldnít go down alive betraying the law but he knew that it was the right thing to do. Valjean knows this is his 3rd chance to gain his life in control and make it the best. So he goes on with the past experiences as the best lessons he has ever learned.

To me the theme of this story is a strong one. To never give up, but always know why you