The word standard represents a specific idea of what teachers expect a student to recall, understand or demonstrate down the road. When teachers can assess how close a student comes to the standards, they know where to adjust or where to focus their attention.

Each state sets the standards for the schools. Louisiana is number one in striving to improve the quality of education for its children. With the use of the internet in the individual classrooms, the quality of education has greatly improved. There is a world of knowledge at the fingertips of anyone who chooses to search for it.

By the fifth grade, each child should know computer and networking terms, such as, modem, internet service provider, data storage, etc. They should be able to understand how to do basic tasks using tool bars, spell check, margins and how to save their work.

By grade eight, a student should be proficient in using a scanner, digital camera, video camera and other devices of that nature. He/she should be able to create documents using the correct format. He should be able to surf the internet well enough to find the information he needs in order to efficiently complete his assignments.

The student, in eighth grade, should know the importance of technology in today’s society. He should be able to use the tools for e-mail and make charts, tables, and formulas for analyzing data.

By high school, the student should know how to apply strategies for identifying and solving routine hardware and software problems, make informed choices about technology systems, demonstrate knowledge and skills of internet use, demonstrate proper etiquette when using internet, use word processing, data base, spreadsheets when preparing and presenting classwork projects.

These are the standards set by the State of Louisiana for use of technology in our schools. With the use of computers in 95% of businesses today, it is imperative that these classes be taught and that the standards be set for this curriculum. In today’s job market, the use of computers is imperative. The world has turned to technology, the computer especially, for most every aspect of every business.

The phrase “no child left behind” has great meaning. Our children have a greater head start today because of the standards set by our officials. With these standards for learning, especially when it comes to technology, the chance for a great future for the youth of today tremendous.