Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon

When I think of an American place worth a visit, I think of
somewhere I went in which I had an exceptional time and learned
much new knowledge, one vacation I went on sticks out most in
my mind. I chose to write my speech on Las Vegas, Nevada and
the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Both are located out west and when
traveling to one people usually choose to visit both. I went to both
of them last spring break and hope to go again.
Las Vegas, the seat of Clark County, Nevada, is very famous
for it's many resorts and convention center. It's name means "the
meadows" which refers to grassland seen along spring-fed desert
streams by early Spanish explorers of the area. It is Nevada's
largest city, and probably one of the best places to go to a casino.
Las Vegas is most famous for its buffets, however. It is the
location of the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, and is the site
of the Las Vegas bowl, which takes place every year in the
football field at the University. Next to Las Vegas is the historic
Hoover Dam which I thought was very interesting when I visited
Las Vegas is a never ending trip and a place that you will never
want to leave. For the women of the family there are shopping
malls and clothing stores everywhere, for the men gambling is a
must and there are games galore. For the kids there are activities
that go on all day at whatever hotel you stay at, and day care
centers everywhere. I stayed at the Treasure Island Resort which is
located right next to the Mirage and it was an ideal location right
in the middle of town.
There are many places that I recommend people see, such as
Siegfried and Roy, very famous magicians. Another place to go is
the Star Trek Experience, where you go on a real live mission.
The best place to go, however, is the forum at Caesar's Palace, it
is meant to look like you are outside since the roof looks like a
The other place that is a must see is the Grand Canyon. It is an
exceptionally deep, steep-walled chasm, excavated by the
Colorado River. The entire Canyon is extremely beautiful,
containing towering buttes, mesas, and valleys within it's main
gorge. It is the biggest canyon in the United States of America. It
became a national park in nineteen hundred and eight.
I think it is a place worth a visit because it lets you see nature
as it is, the sights are beautiful and breathtaking. Another reason
is it lets you have an adventure by hiking some of it's trails and
mountain climbing. The Grand Canyon also has white water
rafting down the Colorado River which naturally formed it. You
even get to stay in cabins at the top of the canyon.
When put together both of these places make an excellent trip to
take the whole family on. I hope with some of the examples I have
given that you to will want to visit Las Vegas and the Grand
Canyon to have the adventure of your life!