Larry Summerlin
English IV: 6

The Bronte sisters were very influential writers who had a big influence on writers today. They contributed to alot of famous works that are known all over the world. The Brontes were born in Northern Ireland and were raised by their mother and father. Other than Charlotte and Emily there was Anne, their sister, and Branwell, their only brother(A10). The Brontes were not a really wealthy family. There father was a minister and their mom raised them. Charlotte and Emily enjoyed their childhood to some degree but they never seem to act as cheerful and as sociable as other children(A14). Charlotte and Emily had a particular writing style. They wrote , what people say , in a morbid style which was probably because of their unhappy childhood(C3). Charlotte and Emily both were considered to be unattractive look. They had tight curls in their hair and it was also always frizzled(A52). The two sisters did not seem to get along with other people. When Charlotte turn nineteen years of age she decided to try to start her life off by working as a governess at a local house on their street. That job didnąt seem to work out for her. She later referred to this job by saying that she never wanted to she those evil incarnate kids ever again in her life. From that point on Charlotte loathed kids. Later on that year Charlotte wanted a change. She started attending a college by the name of Roe Head. She joined roe Head in 1835. Her first years at Roe Head were not to pleasant. During this period of time Charlotte decided to take up a form of poetry that she enjoyed to write about. It was called Angrian poetry. She wanted to send in one of her angrian poems to a master poet by the name of Southy. He told Charlotte that this poetry was no business for a woman to write. She kindly thanked the well respected poet and continued to write that style of poetry despite the well respected poetąs opinion(A56-58). Charlotte enjoyed writing very much. She thought of it as a way to express her opinion and it helped her depression. Charlotte experienced four marriage proposals in her life and the first one came from a man by the name of Rev. Henery Nussey in 1839. Charlotte really felt strongly about this man but didnąt think that she loved him as much as she was suppose to. So she politely told him that she was not ready for that commitment yet. Soon after that Charlotte took up another governess job at Mrs. Sidgwickąs family. Just like the other job as a govneress and she didnąt find it to be a joyous experience. Before Charlotteąs first marriage proposal her father died in 1837. Charlotte became very depressed. She decided to start writing what is known as The Foundling. This novel was the one that started off her writing career. Soon after she started on her novel she got her second proposal from Rev. James Bryce. Charlotte thought that he was a very funny man but had to refuse his marriage proposal. Charlotte was desperately looking for something that she could enjoy. She found out that the sea was very interesting. That turned out to be her first love(A56-59). During that time she wanted to go back home and spend some time with her sisters. She enjoyed this time very much and she met a man named Rev. William Weightham. Rev. Weightham was a very handsome young man that both Bronte sisters found attractive and funny at the same time. Charlotte and Emily had kind of a quarrel over this particular man but he was not interested in either one of the sisters. Charlotte became somewhat obsessed with him and painted a portrait of him. After she got over Rev. Weightham her sister Anne became ill . This really worried Charlotte because her family had a history of a weird disease that killed most of their family. Anne slowly showed signs of recover and Charlotte returned to Dewsbury Moor. Charlotte then started on her most famous novel Jane Eyre and around the same time Emily started writing Wuthering Heights.(A91). Both of the Bronte sisters met a man by