Lady Diana, Life and Times

Everyone loves fairy tales at one point in time in his or her life. Every little girl wants to catch her prince and become a princess. That is what happened with Lady Diana Spencer when she married Prince Charles. This essay will explore the ways and reasons how Princess Diana changed the British Monarchy and how she became the Princess of the peoples hearts.
Diana was born in the late afternoon on July 1, 1961, as the honorable Diana Frances Spencer, to her parents, Viscount and Viscountess Althorp. Diana was the couple's third daughter. According to her father, Diana weighed in at 7lbs, 12ozs and became the apple of her father's eye. Diana was supposed to be a boy, so the couple had no girl names picked out when she was born. It was not until a week later that she was officially named Lady Diana Frances Spencer. Diana has two older sisters, Jane and Sarah, and two brothers. John, her late brother, only lived for about 10 hours, after being born disfigured. Her brother Charles, is four years younger than Diana.
At the age of six, Diana's parents separate after having a very trying marriage. During the following messy divorce, Diana and her younger brother Charles, bounced between both parents. The older sisters, Jane and Sarah, were spared because both were away at school. In the end of the divorce, Viscount, now known as Lord Spencer was granted custody of all four of the couple's children.
During her first years in school at Silfield, Diana, not used to all of the commotion of living at school, was very quiet and shy. She liked being a participant in many activities, but never liked to be in the lime-light or spot-light. This is also true for the rest of her school years. Although, Diana was smart, she never really applied herself in school. Diana always received "O" levels (Ordinary) on her tests. Never during all of her school years did she receive an "A" level. Both of her sisters received tons of "A" levels. As Diana grew, so did her love of swimming and ballet dancing. Diana did achieve a reputation for her swimming and diving, for which she won several trophies. She also grew too tall to become a ballet dancer, but she always kept practicing.
In November of 1977, Diana at the age of 16, was introduced to Prince Charles. Prince Charles, who had a nine month relationship with Diana's older sister, Sarah, has some very fond memories of that weekend. He remembers Diana as a very funny and attractive 16 year old, who, barely 4 years later, went on to become his wife.
During the early stages of the courtship of Prince Charles and Lady Diana, Diana was in awe of Prince Charles. As the relationship progressed, Diana began to be Prince Charles' guest at Balmoral Castle, in Scotland on many weekends. There she would watch him play Polo, or just simply walk around the estate. Diana had just enough publicity to know that there was a price for having a romance with Price Charles .
Prince Charles proposed during a romantic dinner for two at Windsor Castle on February 6, 1981. The official announcement was not made until three weeks later. During this time, Diana had her last quiet and peaceful holiday as a plain citizen. On February 23, 1981, the night before the official announcement, Diana moved into Clarence House, Queen Mother's residence in London. February 24, 1981, the official engagement announcement was made by the prime minister.
Diana's life changed instantly after the official announcement. Body guards were a now constantly present everywhere she wanted to go. Wedding plans proceeded to be made, wardrobes , guest lists, wedding gowns all needed to be organized and purchased. During the majority of this time, Prince Charles was away on royal duties. Diana started to fell very lonely at this time. She felt like Buckingham Palace and Clarence House were made on dead weight and energy.
Finally, July 29, 1981, the wedding day arrived. Diana is awakened very early by the crowds singing outside in the mall. Today had been declared a national holiday, so everybody could celebrate the new Princess of Wales. The crowds had already gathered outside, just waiting to catch a glimpse of