Kramer -vs- Kramer

The Movie "Kramer vs. Kramer" is about the failure of marriage and the shift of parent roles.

This movie is about view\'s from mother and fatherhood in the 70\'s. It begins when Joanne Kramer, informing her husband Ben that she has to leave home because she is so unhappy. Joanne leave\'s Ted with their son Billy who now finds himself living with a workaholic parent he barely knows. Ben has to face Juggling his domestic challenge with his deadlines at work. Ted is further pressured when he find\'s out that a year and a half later that his wife has filed for custody of their son Billy. He now faces a battle in the court system to keep custody of his son, who he has grown very close with. In this movie they show you equal level\'s of pain and growth from both side\'s of emotion and stress of a divorce. Ben Kramer is a man that was very involved with his workand was focused on one thing, climbing the corporate ladder. So invloved with his work, that he was unaware that his wife was so unhappy with her life at home. There were a lot of things he didn\'t understand at first. He realizes that he is not a perfect parent. Ben also learns how to take care of Billy, devoting more energy to his son, than to his work, and finally losing his job. He goes from being an absent parent, to becoming a caring and nurturing father That will do what ever it takes to make it and keep his son. Through the whole ordeal, he has a newfound love for his son and parenthood as well as the needs of his ex-wife.

The reason Joanne had left ben is because she felt she had lost all of her patient\'s. She felt that she needed to find herself and that it\'s her fault and that Ted had just married the wrong person. Joanne felt trapped and that if she stayed any longer, she would eventually lose it all together. She though because of her age that it was time to be married and have a baby. Joanne definetly knew leaving her son was a terrible thing to do but, she just felt that women had the same right\'s as men and needed to discover herself. She needed a life of her own. After getting help, finding herself, and realizing how much she truly loves and misses her son, Joanne feels that Billy need\'s his mother more. She decide\'s to take ted to court for the custody of her son. During the court battle\'s, she soon realize\'s that Ted and Billy have become very close with each other. The time that she had spent away from her son, she had wondered about what kind of mother she was for walking out of her son\'s life the way that she did. She knew that at that time she had no choice and she felt she had to prove to Billy how much she really loved him. Going through this experience she realize\'s that Billy belongs with Ted.

Billy Kramer has went through a tough time when his mother left. He was confused about his mother leaving and didnt really understand why. He was alot like his father, but because his dad was alway\'s working, he never really had a chance to bond with him the way that he did during the time his mother had left. He had found a new love for his father and didnt want to part with him.

In my own opinion this movie is about self invlovement, showing both sides of parenthood during a divorce. This movie portray\'s point of views in the 70\'s of parent going through a divorce and the effect\'s they have on both the parent\'s and their child. I would not have watched this movie on my own. Having said that, I really did like this moving and felt it covered all aspect\'s of this domestic curcumstance. It showed me a whole otherside I didn\'t know about! A+