Kiyoshi Tanimoto

The heart beat of Kiyoshi Tanimoto, a pastor from the Methodist church of Hiroshima beats faster, as he comes closer to the Mississippi correctional facility. Pastor turned con-artist, brought on by the taste of greed and good will for his family. The bus slows down. His heart beat beats faster. Then all of a sudden his face starts going pale, he sees the anger in the face of a familiar inmate. The anger turned into a cheeky smile. It hits him; this inmate is the son of an old Mexican lady Tanimoto coned out of $500 six months ago. How could he have forgotten the evil in his eye.

Walking off the bus was difficult for Kiyoshi Tanimoto. He didnít want to leave the safe feel of the bus. The pace of him walking became slow as he came closer to the front of the bus. The gleaming eyes of the inmate stared at Kiyoshi Tanimoto. Every move was watched. Once of the bus he took a long hard look at his home for the next five years, then he took a deep breath and carried on the long slow walk to the facility, with his head bowed trying to block out all eye contact.

Tanimoto lost all feeling but 1 the feeling of fear. He feared that this could be the last few years of his life. He feared that he was going to lose his family. He had to survive. He loved his family to death, and would die for them. That is the main reason why he had to be selfish. After the devastating bombing of Hiroshima, Kiyoshi Tanimoto couldnít stand the way that his family were living, so he decided that he would use the church as an excuse to raise money. What made it more ambitious for him to raise money was that his wife was pregnant again. Their second child and he couldnít be there for them.

After daydreaming about his family Kiyoshi Tanimoto walked back to his cell, happier then ever. When he got back to his cell he didnít care what was going on. But he did notice that a new inmate was being moved in. He didnít care he had the happiest thoughts ever about his family. Suddenly the inmate walked in, the last inmate he had ever want to see, Lester Albino a Mexican mobster, brought up on the streets of Mexico. Kiyoshi Tanimoto could never forget his face. So much anger and hate. Lester was in for aggravated robbery which wasnít a surprise. Tanimoto became afraid. Lester automatically remembered Kiyoshi Tanimoto as soon as he saw him. The anger came back in Lesterís eyes. After the guard left Lester charged towards Tanimoto. With a clean swipe, Lester punched him in the face, knocking him out cold. While on the ground Tanimoto started thinking about why Lester could have done this. Then a flashback came up. He was the son of a lady in California who Tanimoto conned out of her life insurance 2 months ago. These life threats, raids that revolved around him and racist comments, were all part of the awful things Tanimoto had to put up with in this correctional facility.

Just as things were calming down he got