King George V


Remembered as a great English Ruler, King George led an amazing and

complete life. George Frederick Ernest Albert was born on June 3, 1865 to

Edward VII and Alexandra. His place of birth was the Marlborough House in

London. He was the second son of the Prince of Wales. His grandmother was

Queen Victoria.George was the favorite son of his mother, Princess Alexandra.

Mother and son used to spend long hours talking and reading outloud. In the

evenings they prayed together. Alexandra tought her son the faith and religious

practices that would characterize him during all his life. He did not receive

education that a future king would usually receive but that was because it was

believed he would have plenty of time to receive that knowledge before

becoming king. He went to the Royal Naval College at Greenwich. His brother

also joined him in the navy. They traveled to South America, West Indies,

Australia, Japan, and China. George continued in naval service but his brother

went to Trinity College.

The Queen invited Princess May to Balmoral in order to get to know her

better and to make sure that the young Princess would make a suitable future

Queen for Prince Eddy. December 3, he proposed and she accepted. His

brother then died on January 14, 1892, less than a week after his birthday.

When his brother died the throne of England was descended to Prince George,

who was 26 and unmarried. His brother\'s death caused his nerves to shatter

and suffer from insomnia. The whole country feared that another tragedy could

hit the Royal family and something could happen to Prince George. It was

extremely important that the Prince got married.

Queen Victoria had an idea of a bride for Prince George, but that was

before his brother died. It was Princess Marie of Edimburgh, George\'s cousin

Missy. George and Missy were fond of each other and in 1892, a marriage

proposal was made to Missy\'s parents on George\'s behalf, but her mother did

not want her to marry him and made her reject him. The Queen then decided

that the only other choice was Princess May. His parents were not too

enthusiastic about it because they thought it was wrong to pass a bride from

their dead son to his living brother and it might also show that she had not cared

for Eddy. Also, George was not sure how she felt about him. While out of town

with him mother and sisters, George wrote affectionate letters to May.

George returned to London on April 29 and went to Sheen to stay with his

sister. On May 2 he ate with the Teck family. The next afternoon she went to go

have tea with his sister but in the Sheen\'s garden George proposed to her and

she accepted. They told the rest of the family immediately. They were married

on July 6, 1893. After the ceremony, the newly-wed went to Sandringham by

train for their honeymoon.

Almost a year later, Prince George and Princess May had their first baby.

The evening of June 23, 1894, Princess May gave birth to Prince Edward Albert

Christian George Andrew Patrick David, known in the family just as David. On

December 14, 1895, Pirncess May gave birth to a second son, Prince Alfred

Frederick Arthur George, known in the family as Bertie. A year and a half later,

in the year of Queen Victoria\'s Diamond Jubilee, Princess May gave birth to her

third child. It was a girl and she was Prince George and Princess May\'s only

daughter. She was named Victoria Alexandra Alice Mary and was called just

Mary. On October 11, 1899, the Boer War broke out in South Africa. Prince

George and Pricness May took over many of the duties of the Prince\'s parents.

On March 31, 1900, while England was still in war, Princess May gave birth to

her forth child, Prince Henry.

By the winter of 1900, the Boer War was almost over and Queen

Victoria\'s health was not doing so well. She died just at the beginning of the

new century, on the evening of January 22, 1901 at Osborne House. Prince

George\'s father became King Edward VII and George became direct heir to

the throne. By