King Arthur

What could help better our society of today? Way back during the time of King Arthur they made Codes of Conduct. People would follow these almost as if it was life or death. Using a code of conduct today we could help out our society by following three simple codes; abandon all religion, trust nobody, and always mind your own business. By following these codes of conduct, people will help better themselves.

In the story of King Arthur it seemed the people had a lot of different religious beliefs, as we do now. If our society today could abandon all religion, we could stop many of murders. People are killed all the time because they believe or don’t believe in a greater being. Because of different religious beliefs, we also have countries fighting over land that they say was given to them by their god, and the others say it was given to them. Without religion, we wouldn’t have nearly as many wars over land, especially the so-called “Holy Land.”

During the time of King Arthur, many knights were out to make Arthur look like a fool. They thought by poking fun at him it would make them look cooler. Today in schools we see this happen all the time. Kids make friends and tell them secrets, and the “friend” tells everyone. Well, if you didn’t trust anyone, you wouldn’t have told anyone. Therefore your secret would have been kept. The same goes with money. If someone asks you to loan him or her some cash, it always comes down to trust. If you trust them to repay you, you will give it up. Then you lose you’re money, all because you trusted them.

Once King Arthur polled the sward from the stone, everybody wouldn’t leave him alone. If that was me, I would of flipped out. People get shot everyday because they try to be Mr.Getbad and stop wrongdoers. As long as it isn’t your problem, stay out of it. Another example of this that happens everyday is the school systems. When something happens between two students teachers get an attitude and then they think they are perfect. Students get so mad because after it’s all over, in every class you go into, everybody asks, “What happened?” It drives kids crazy to tell the story over and over.

Our society could be so much better if we followed these three simple codes of conduct. We could stop holy wars, theft, and murders if we didn’t follow any religion, didn’t trust anybody, and stopped trying to stick our noses into other peoples business. These problems are as old as the story of King Arthur, but can be fixed in a short time.