King Arthur established a powerful brotherhood. The Round Table where they meet, it is said that all the chairs were of the same height, to symbolise the equality and comradeship amongst the knights. Originally built for Arthur's father, Uther Pendragon, the Table was passed on to King Leodegrance of Cameliard upon his death. When his daughter Guinevere married, the Round Table came to Arthur as part of her dowry.
Adopting a code of chivalry, the knights were required to be more than just brave, skilful and strong, but to be kind, generous and modest. Above all, they were to be loyal to their king. In King Arthur's court, tournaments were held which enabled the knights to demonstrate their military prowess, winning the approval of other knights and the attention of the ladies

Sir Gawain

After his baptism as a child, Gawain was set adrift in a casket, being eventually rescued by a poor fisherman. In youth, he made his way to Rome where he obtained his education. Having been knighted by Pope Sulpicius, he returned to Britain and the court of the High-King, Arthur, where he was re-united with his parents

Sir Galahad
Sir Galahad was called a Grail knight because he went in search for the Holy Grail. His father was named Sir Lancelot and his mother was given to the name Elaine. His family lived in a big castle called Camelot. They ate what was grown by the gardeners. The food was usally vegetables and herbs. They also kept pigs, cattle, chickens and bees. They kept all these things inside the castle.
Inside the castle there are usually these things a chapel, a great hall, a solar room the inner castle wall and the battlements. There were heaps of knights who felt honoured at the Round Table. The tales of Galahad , the Round Table and king arthur are partly make believe and are part of the medieval literature. He was the purest knight at the Round Table because he could touch the Perilous Chair without getting a shock.


King Arthur was a legendary king of Medieval times and was known for his legendary knights of the round table.

Sir Kay

legend says King Arthur and Sir Kay grew up together as foster-brothers. Arthur was squire to Kay until Kay took Arthur to a tornament and Arthur lost Kay's sword for the match. That is when the sword in the stone story takes place.

Sir Lancealot

Lancealot was Arthurs second in coomand and most trusted by Arthur. He was left to rule while Arthur and his men searched for the holy Grail. While Arthur was away Lancealot was having an affair with Arthur's wife Queen Guiniveer.