King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table is an example of romance literature. This book is very interesting. There is a guy called Merlin who can see into the future and tell the King what to do. There is also a man who is so holly, he gets to drink from the Holy Grail. And when all of this is happening, another knight named Lancelot is having an affair with the King’s wife. This book is about the magical lands of the Logres ruled by King Arthur.
In the book, there are many great adventures that the many Knights of the Round Table have. One example is the adventure of the Green Knight. King Arthur was having a gathering of all his knights on a day called Pentecost. During one of these gatherings, a knight dressed all in green comes riding in with no armor, just a beautiful shinny ax. He says to all of the knights that he has a challenge for them, one of them give him one swift blow to the neck, and on one year, he can do the same. At first, no one came up to the challenge, so Arthur says he’ll do it. All of a sudden, Gawain, Arthur’s nephew, stands up and says he’ll except the Green Knight’s challenge. As the story goes, he smote the guy’s head off. The Green Knight catches his head and leaves. After one year, Gawain goes in search for the Green Knight. He asks everyone, but no one knows of such a person. After a long journey, he comes to a castle. He asks to stay, and luckily for him, the host was very generous. He even offers a trade: he will go out hunting, and whatever he catches, he will give to Gawain. But whatever riches Gawain gets in his castle, he must give to him. S Gawain agrees, and the next day, the host of the castle goes out hunting, while Gawain stays in the castle and talks to the hostess of the castle all day. After a while, she wants to give him a kiss, and he agrees. At the end of the day, the host of the castle gives him a deer, and Gawain gives him a kiss. Then the host asks where he received it, and he says that that was not part of the deal. The next day, the host goes out to hunt, and Gawain stays inside and talks to the hostess again. This time, the hostess gives Gawain two kisses. At the end of the day, the host gives Gawain his prize from the forest, and Gawain gives him two kisses. The next day was no different. The host goes out and hunts, while Gawain stays in and talks to the hostess. This time she gave him three kisses, and a lace. She said that it was magical, and that he must tell no one. He agrees. At the end of the day, the host gives him what he won in the forest, and Gawain gives him three kisses, but does not tell him of the lace. After the three days, Gawain is lead by the host of the castle’s servants to the Green Knight’s castle. In there, the Green Knight is sharpening his ax. Gawain gets in position and the Green Knight takes a big swing, but stops for he hits the neck. He says that Gawain flinched, and that a real man wouldn’t. So he takes another big swing, but stops short of his neck. He says this time was a test to see if he would not finch. He takes one last big swing, but only nips him. After that, the Green Knight takes off his mask and shows that he is the host of the castle. He says that the first swing was because he gave all riches he received the first day, the second was because he gave all riches he received the second day, but he nipped him on the last swing because he lied about the lace, but he could forgive him for that.
The characters of the King Arthur book are of noble or ruling classes. Merlin was a noble because he had supernatural powers to see into the future. King Arthur was of