Kennedy: A Legacy, A Murder, and a Conspiracy

Period 4


John F. Kennedy- the first in a legacy of fate-filled, extraordinary family of politicians who ran this country in times of turmoil since the 1960’s. However, the Warren Commission, the popular name given to the investigation of his death, proved nothing in their conclusion of how and who had shot him. His murder, which has forever remained a mystery throughout the last half century, was a brutal and public death. What were the motives, and most of all what was the real mystery. This controversial topic will be thoroughly examined to determine what really went on, furthermore the ‘report’ that concluded the death of JFK.

First as an undergraduate of Harvard (class of 40’), Kennedy improved his credentials by working as a secretary for his father, American ambassador to England. His Harvard thesis, about the Nazi threat to England during WWII, was published in 1940 under Why England Slept. After Harvard he then enlisted in the Navy, commanding a PT109 ship in the South Pacific. When his boat sank during a battle, he was credited with saving one of his mates. During his congressional and early political years, Kennedy supported most of Truman’s policies as a Massachusetts congressman (1947-53). He then moved to the Senate and in 1958 after he narrowly won the democratic primary, he won 7 primaries and many debates against President Nixon. He was the youngest and only Catholic president ever at age 43.

The Warren Commission, compromised of Earl Warren, Senator Richard Russell, and John Sherman Cooper, found that there was a single killer in the investigation, Lee Harvey Oswald, form one spot. However the way Kennedy was shot definitely concludes that there were multiple shooters. However as Oswald was being arrested, an ‘angry’ Jack Ruby, a head Dallas police officer, shot and killed Oswald before any questioning could be done. Started on November 29, 1963, a week after the brutal murder, analysts looked and looked over the weapon and Dealy Plaza, still concluding that one shooter had shot the president multiple times. When in fact, there had to have been at least two shooters, because of the angles of the wounds. This was realized by Jim Garrison, New Orleans DA, who never actually solved the mystery, but got very close. His investigations stopped because of all the hate brought upon him.

The origins of Kennedy’s conspiracies involve many different aspects. For instance not only did Kennedy have two mistresses, furthermore one of them, a Judith Exner, was actually also a girlfriend of Sam Gianaca, a known Chicago mob leader. Now the mob was highly over looked in the Warren Commission, however the mob had good reasons to want to ‘oft’ Kennedy. There is evidence that is not being released by the government until 2017 which was earned after an appeal to the Supreme Court to open this up earlier, instead of a 2029 release (under the JFK Act of 1992). During and before Kennedy’s campaign to run for president, frequent visits to Las Vegas to notorious mob leaders were believed to be for help in his presidential campaign. Kennedy was elected and sure enough, Kennedy elected Robert Kennedy as Attorney General, who was totally against organized crime. However other factors come into the picture of it all. The growing tension with other countries such as Vietnam and Russia, none came as hot as the fiery predicament with Cuba. During a build up of nuclear weapons on the small island, which was supplied by Russia, America demanded that Cuba disarm their weapons, because of a cold war with Russia , and due to the close range of the missiles. This not only angered Cuba, however Kennedy and his administration because of Khrushchev’s direct lie on television when asked about the growing missile presence in Cuba. Not to mention the communist relationship that Cuba and Russia had. Also earlier in the decade, during The Bay of Pigs in April of 1961, an attempt to rally the Cubans to go against Castro with help of American troops, failed, this greatly stopped good relations with Cuba. Finally, when word of a conspiracy against Fidel Castro reached Cuban intelligence, something had to have been done. The CIA was working against Castro with operatives in Cuba, however