"July 3"
The beginning of this book was very good. It showed how Guy Montag had changed from a man who used to burn books for pleasure and a living, to a man that now has second thoughts of burning books. For the very first few pages every thing is his normal everyday life. But then he met Clarisse while walking down the streets. They had a little conversation. It changed the way Guy thought. She told him things that he didn't know. Things today every one knows. She told him that there's dew on the grass, a man in the moon, and that fireman once put out fires instead of starting them. I think that the beginning of this book was very enticing. It makes me want to read the whole book right then and there. When I first looked at the book it sounded very good. And so far it has held up to my first thoughts. I hope that the book will continue in this manner.

"July 6"

Mildred seems to always sit in the living room and watch the parlor. It's like a TV set but you can talk to the people and it is all around you. She also listens to seashells at night. I think all the new technology has taken out the love in their marriage. They don't even remember when they first met! If this is what the future is going to be like I don't think that I want anything to do with it. I think that some people's relationships are probably very good though. The people that do not have enough money for a whole parlor, or a sea shell to listen to at night, or even enough money for a place to live. Those people probably have good relationships. They do because that the technology hasn't spoiled them. They have never had the chance to sit in front of the TV all day and not think. Or turn on the radio loud and not think for a few hours. They are the people that have to think every day, every hour, every minute. They don't know where their next meal is coming from. They only have each other. I hope that in the future that technology doesn't destroy us.

"July 19"
Montag and the firemen have just pulled up to his house to burn it down. Montag has been reading books and doesn't want to burn things anymore. I feel bad for Montag he's trying to show every one why books are good and what they can do. But no one wants to listen. They just continue on burning the books. Without listening to Montag or any one else for that matter. And now they've found out he's been reading the books and saving them. So it's time for them to burn his house down. And he can't do anything about it. I'll bet that Beatty will make Montag burn his own house down. I'm really wondering what Montag is going to do in the third part of the book. Hopefully he doesn't go along with Beatty and does something like running away or giving a long speech about why everything about this world is wrong. I really hope he does something and doesn't just go along with Beatty.

"July 21"

I finished reading the book. It was very good. I would recommend it to anyone. Montag ran away like I hoped he would in the entry before this one. And what took me to very much surprise was when he got the hound off of his tail they continued the search and killed another man saying it was Montag. He met up with some homeless people that live along the river. They all read books like Montag did. But since if they carry the books and the cops find them they'd be killed. So they memorize the books. They developed a photographic memory. I thought it was a very ingenious idea. There was also a war, for a split second. The city was bombed and everything was destroyed. One of the homeless men compared it to a Phoenix. The Phoenix every few hundred years would fly into a huge fire and be reborn. He said that it was like Humans the way we