Joy Luck Club

I decided to watch the Joy Luck Club for this analysis paper for many different reasons. The main reason is that the actress Tamlyn Tomita who played Waverly graduated from Mount Lebanon High School, which was also my high school. I also heard a lot about this particular movie. I have heard great reviews and I have also heard very bad reviews saying that is was really confusing and long. I wanted to watch it and decide how it is in my own opinion. Watching this movie I saw a lot of interpersonal communication between mother-daughter relationship. As I watched this movie I picked up a lot of Devito’s points that he makes throughout the book.
There was a lot of family problems throughout the entire movie on many different levels. Reading back through Devito’s main points I see a lot of examples that were shown in the movie. This movie expressed Devito’s traditional, independent and separate views within a family relationship. Some of the daughters followed the traditional views, which is where they share many of the same views and do very little on there on. It seems like in the movie the older generation (mothers) where very traditional and stuck with the family values and followed their mothers around. As the mothers had children they seemed to be more independents and stress their own individualism. According to Brommel Galvin the characters in the Joy Luck Club are both rigid and enmeshed. I believe this because at dinner they were all eating together and everyone was on time. No one was missing because it was a known fact that you show up for dinner at a certain time.
Communication was a big part in this particular film. The mothers all had some trouble at one time or another communicating with their daughters. The mothers were very dominate in this movie. They told their children what was on their minds and they were the first ones to talk in most of the situations. They used a lot of nonverbal patterns. An example of this is when June was talking to her mother in one of the last scenes. June was upset because she thought that her mother was not proud of her accomplishments. June was crying and her mother without saying anything made it obvious that she was proud of June. June’s mother used very simple ways of communicating with June. She accomplished it this by looking at her and comforting her by holding out her hand. June’s mother gave June a necklace that was a symbol of her love for her daughter. That meant more to June than all of the words her mother could have said at that time. Waverly and her mother Lindo were another example of non verbal communication. Waverly was getting married to someone that her mom did not approve. One day Waverly and her mother went to the hairdressers and they were talking about Waverly’s boyfriend. Lindo was very quite and had a very stern and straight look on her face. Lindo did not say anything and Waverly could tell that she did not approve. These are just two examples of a very common type of communication that happened throughout the movie.
Conflict is the main point throughout the movie. There is conflict between mother-daughter, husband-wife and friend-friend relationships. The actors used a lot of different techniques to handle conflict. An example of this is with the technique of the silencer. This was used a lot throughout the movie with the mothers on the daughters. An example of this is when June and her mother were fighting. June started to cry and at that instance the mother just started to listen and understand her daughter. Also in the movie between the conflicts there was a lot of verbal aggression. This happened a lot between the husband and wife relationship. Rose was married and her husband cheated on her and during that specific conflict there was a lot of verbal aggression on Rose’s part.
In the movie, conflict is centered around the interpersonal relationship within a family. All of the mothers had a rough childhood in one way or another and they tried to raise their children differently. The mothers