Journal – Long Weekend

Comm 105

Journal-Long Weekend.

The long weekend was a very good break for me. Additionally it was very exciting and interesting. I knew I had a lying-assignment to do for my communication class. I was thinking of something to lie about but nothing really occurred to me. Honestly I would have thought that I would not lie at all during the four days of the long weekend. But had it not been for the assignment I would have still lied. I just realized how difficult lying is sometimes. Because of one lie of mine it ended up to several lies. It’s not over yet. I am still expecting a call from my Dad and I know I would either have to lie again to keep him happy or eventually tell him the truth and disappoint him. This lie has definitely put me in the most difficult situation of my life.

On the 7th last Tuesday my parents called. They suggested that I go to the cities this time to visit some family friends. It was not a very big deal to refuse. But all through my life I have never really refused my parents, it’s probably the way I was brought up or maybe our culture expects that out of us. I told them that I was going to spend time in school doing some homework. And I told them that I would call them and tell them that I’d make it some other time. I wish I had told them that I was going over to some friends place but that would upset them since I always go over to some friends place and never visit my family-friends in the cities. So I thought I’d rather not tell them. I left the dorm on Wednesday.

My Dad felt sorry that I’m in school and calls on Wednesday. Well I was in Mora with a couple of friends during that time. He probably thinks I’m over at some friends’ room. He calls later that night and I’m still not home. It so happens that later that evening we went to this Outlet Mall and I see Tsering (my Dad’s friend’s son). It just occurred to me that I didn’t tell them that I was not coming. Obviously I had forgotten about it. So I was like, “I called but I didn’t leave a message because I thought I’d call back later.” Didn’t think he would tell his Dad about it (but he did). I told him that I was staying in school for the long weekend since I had a lot of homework to do. Later when we went to eat dinner together, my friend was like “Tenzin has not done any of her homework; we’ve only been having fun here.” So Tsering probably feels that I just didn’t want to visit them and he actually tells me that straight on the face. That made me feel so guilty but I still didn’t want to visit them. It’s the most boring place to spend four days. I thought this would be the end of the lie. But Tsering asked if I were coming to the cities during the remaining three days. Obviously I said no but I promised them that I’d come this Thanksgiving.

The next day we went to the Mall of America. This was a last minute plan and I really didn’t know about it. But I saw my Dad’s friend and his wife at the mall. I ran inside Claire’s and met their daughter there. That moment I wished I had visited them this weekend. I wanted to run away so bad. We talked for a few minutes and ate together again. My friends were happy since this was their second free meal. But I was going through the most difficult time of my life. I told them that I didn’t know we’d be coming to the mall today. But their looks spoke volumes of how mad they were at me. He asked me where I was staying and I was so tired of lying that I told them that I was spending the weekend with a friend of mine. I was caught red-handed. He was like “Why’d you