Journal Entry: Black Dealth

Wednesday 24th February 1348

Dear Diary,

I arrived in London early today. The first thing I noticed was an absence of people. I found this very disturbing as I had heard that London was populated and very busy. Then I rode in towards the centre of the city, and I much regretted it. The site was a cesspit of filth. Dung littered the street. Rats ran around rolling in the muck. Buildings were as filthy as sewers. The putrid stench so unbearable, that I could hardly breathe. Decomposing carcasses plagued the street. Flies, worms and maggots crawled in the decayed flesh. People just threw their rancid waste onto the street and left it for rats to crawl in. At one point, I was so nauseous that I vomited onto the street. I could not go on. I darted away, eager to get away from the cesspool. And it was as I saw people that I saw what had been happening. People dragged themselves around like zombies. The majority were sneezing everywhere, spreading disease as they went. Many were gasping and coughing blood over people. But the worst was still to come. Nearly all of the people were covered in repulsive black spots, some as big as apples. They were moaning in agony, vomiting and convulsing. The unharmed looked at them as if they were animals. No-one cared for anything at all. I did not dare to stay any longer. I ran as fast as my legs would carry me, and took shelter in my wagon.