Josh Fitch Child Guidance
Mrs. Robin Muza
March 12, 1999

A. Rainbow Fish and The Big Blue Whale Pfister, Marcus.
B. The age group you could use this book for is first graders. I feel the language and
content are appropriate for this age group.
C. This books subject area is learning how to deal with problems in a healthy and
positive manner.
D. The story starts out with the fish and the whale sharing their food and getting
along peacefully. Then a fish with jagged fins came to eat and got all the other fish
to jump to conclusions about the whale. The conclusions they jumped to were that
he was mean and wanted to eat all of their fish. The whale heard them say these
mean things about him and was hurt. He then thought he would teach them a
lesson and really be mean. The rainbow fish then realized that both the whale and
the fish were happier when they were getting along. He then went out to talk to
the whale. After talking they both realized that it was all a misunderstanding.
They both than realized that they had scared all the food away, so they helped each
other to find more. The story ends with the fish and the whale getting along and
forgetting all about the misunderstanding.
E. The rainbow fish and the other fish cooped with the situation differently. The
other fish dealt with the situation by hiding their feelings and avoiding contact with
the whale. The rainbow fish doubt with the situation by avoiding but he then
doubt with the situation by taking direct action and confronting the whale.
F. In the beginning of the story the emotions where contentment with the situation.
Then the emotions changed in to anger, hurtfulness, and fear. Then at the end of
the story the emotions tuned to happiness and contentment.

G. The audience can identify with the book in many ways. They can identify with the
plot because children come in contact is misunderstanding all the time in there
lives. The setting is in the ocean witch they cannot relate to but, they can relate
to the fact that there are places where they feel safe when they have conflict with
others. The dialogue is easy to follow and the book uses word that the children
would use in that sort of situation. The children can also relate to at least one of
the characters in the story. The characters I think most children can relate to are
the rainbow fish or the whale.
H. I would introduce this story asking the question “Has anyone ever had a
misunderstanding with someone?” I also might introduce this story if we had a
problem in the class with misunderstandings between children.
I. I could ask the children “Who doubt with the situation in the best way, the jagged
finned fish or the rainbow fish?” I then could ask them,”Why they thought the fish
doubt with the situation in the best way.” I then could explain that they should not
judge people with out knowing them. That the words that they use do hurt other
people. And that they need to talk out conflicts instead of avoiding them. Then
lastly explain that after they have a conflict with someone they should not hold a
grudge and put the problem in the past.