Jordan Galloway
Critical Reading/ENG 101-905
Essay Title: About Los Vendidos, El Teatro Campesino, and Luis Valdez
Author: David Kuria
Summary: The short study written by David Kuria explained "Los Vendidos." The play "Los Vendidos" by Luiz Valdez means the sellouts in English. It was written to emphasize on the stereotypes Americans typically put on Mexicans, and it also highlighted the Mexicans adapting to the American culture. It's about a man named Sancho who owns a Mexican Lot. Ms. Jimenez, a Latina women who works for the government, is looking for a Mexican for the President's administration. She's looking for a specific type of man though, a Mexican-American who is intelligent, well-dressed, and clean. They spend time in the shop until she finds the perfect Mexican-American man that can fit into the professional crowd. Despite Ms. Jimenez being Latina, she also judged the Mexicans in the shop based on their status and the way they looked. Ms. Jimenez was the perfect example of a successful Latina, but acted higher than the people in the shop.
Term & Significant Quote:
Sellout: a betrayal of one's principles for reasons of expedience
Naugahyde: an artificial material designed to resemble leather, made from fabric coated with rubber or vinyl resin
"This model represents the apex of American engineering! He is bilingual, college educated, ambitious! Say the word "acculturate" and he accelerates. He is intelligent, well-mannered, clean" (Sancho pp. 9). Sancho was selling someone that would fit Ms. Jimenez picky needs, and it happened to be someone who was the perfect American figure, despite being Mexican. The play was giving the impression that this is how Americans are seen versus how the Mexicans that weren't approved by Ms. Jimenez seen.
This play threw a lot of blows at Mexican men. It showed the stereotypes that Americans have on them. For example, the Mexican that was arrested and then cursed at the cop. The Mexican that was picking watermelon and cotton with his wife. It showed the work ethic of the Mexicans, but also showed that this is all American sees them as. When it showed the Mexican smoking marijuana and drinking beer, it was highlighting another stereotype. The stereotype that Mexicans always drink beer, or smoke pot. The seller being Mexican was making a stereotype of his own people. It all ties into creating stereotypes about people, but instead of race this is based on culture and nationality. The salesman himself was a sellout to his own culture because he himself had assimilated to the American culture. Ms. Jimenez also was a sellout to her culture because she left them behind. Then, she comes back around trying to hold shorts and laugh.

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