Jordan Galloway
Critical Reading/ENG 101-905
Essay Title: Take This Quiz! (Twenty Reasons You Could Be Working Harder and Longer Than You Have To, Yet Learning Less and Receiving Lower Grades)
Author: Adam Robinson
In the essay, Take This Quiz!, it describes the difference between successful or smart students and unsuccessful students. Based on the essay, the difference is in the students' attitudes. First, there is a quiz to take to evaluate what kind of attitude you as a student has towards school. Then Robinson really gets in depth to tell you how to change this attitude you have so you could be more successful. He explains in the essay how the school system brain washes a lot of students to follow certain beliefs to "succeed". The key to succeed is to deprogram your mind of these beliefs. Adam Robinson gives principles that help students focus more on their self-image so that they can improve academically.
Terms & Significant Quote
Indoctrinated- teach a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically (brainwash)
Quote: "You have to see things the way smart students do… attitude is the critical difference between smart students and their classmates, and changing your attitude is no easy task." (Robinson, 153)
Interpretation: Robinson is stating that to be a smart student, you must simply think and behave the way a smart student would. Your attitude is in the way of your success, and even though it's not easy, first you must change your attitude. That's the key.
In the essay, Take This Quiz!, Robinson uses a form of statistics to support his argument that the school system has brainwashed students by having a quiz or "attitude check" in middle of the essay. I believe this method also kept reader's more interested because they want to see their results. In a way, I feel like this was an argumentative essay because it's based on the author's point-of-view vs. the school system's point-of-view or someone that is "brainwashed". In this essay, the author had a set mood towards the subject he was speaking on, which made it more effective. It allowed the reader to change his/her mind about what they thought before reading the essay. I personally agree with this essay; the point that your attitude and self-image can have you excel academically is something I truly believe in. I connected to the article because in the beginning of high school, I was lost; depending on the teacher I either learned quick, slow or not at all whether I did my work or not. But, other than learning at a different pace, I also went through other things until my mindset started developing in my later years, and I started passing my classes. I wasn't over working myself too much, I made sure I understood, I began to want to learn things and figure out why things were the way they were as I got older. My attitude change helped me to graduate high school.

Robinson, Adam. "Take This Quiz! (Twenty Reasons You Could Be Working Harder and Longer Than You Have to, Yet Learning Less and Receiving Lower Grades)". College Culture, Student Success by Debra J. Anderson, Pearson Education, 2008, 153-162