John lee
Period 2

In chapter 31, Huck fights with his conscience to decide whether to help

Jim or not. In attempting to help jim , he comes up with solutions.

At first, he decides to write to Tom sawyer, so he could tell where jim is

but ends up not writing the letter since no one will take a runaway slave. After all, Ms

Watson wouldn't be too pleasant with jim either and sell him down the river again for

some cash. Another reason was that he didn't want to hurt jim's feelings. The people

will make him feel ornery and disgraceful for running away from Miss Watson.

Huck also didn't want to look like a low-down abolitionist that would help

runaway Slave to get his freedom. This was the social values of Huck.

2nd, He tries to pray but its morally wrong to pray a lie. He believes he has

committed a lot of sins, at jim's case when he had to tell where jim was but didn't do it.

so he writes a note to Miss Watson to tell where jim was and wanted her to get back jim.

And so he feels free from sin , but then remembers all the good times he had with jim ,

jim was huck's " friend ". Then he decides to rip up the letter and says he's going to

help jimeven though he's going to go to hell for doing it.

The final solution , is that he decides to help jim out of slavery. He's

emotional values comes in at this point also. He feels very weird having to do this but

he decides to do it anyway. He doesn't care if he's going to hell since he believes that

he has done unpleasant things before in his life. But the main reason is to help jim.