Joe Satriani“Engines Of Creation”
Live Sound

Critique#9 – CD #4

Hailed as the Master of all things Guitar, Joe Satriani continues to amaze and astound with his ‘unearthly’ abilities to make a guitar sing. Satriani has taught many of the greats that are now considered his peers, such as Steve Vai, Johnny Lang, and Kenny Wayne Shepard. With the release of “Engines Of Creation,” Satriani takes a new approach to his music and decides to add some electronic elements. This new spin on things really has a few ‘Satch Fans’ in an uproar, but the majority of fans seem to be embracing his new style. Personally, I absolutely love it! Engines Of Creation (EOC) is one of the best albums, musically, that I have heard in a long time, and places it in the ranks with Queensr˙che “Q2K”, Dream Theater “M2: SFAM”, Def Leppard “Euphoria”, and KISS “Psycho Circus.”