Joe Majka

Principles of Sociology 101


Petty Parental Problems

Is it more than just getting two Christmases when dealing with the
divorce of two parents. Understanding the importance of how a child is
affected during this process and how it takes a toll on them is key. There
are seven ways that a child is affected by the separation of their parents.
These ways are as follows; the increase in level of responsibility needed
to take on, they felt a sense of relief, the financial strain, playing the
blame game, denial or failure to cope with it, lack of tolerance of one
badmouthing the other, and just being happy to see their parents divorce.

For arguement's sake for this story, the child of focus in this sense
will be "Little Jimmy." With the divorce taking place, there is a
development of a heavier burden of responsiblity resting on Little Jimmy's
shoulders. With only one parent around, the workload tends to increase.
The time to one's self becomes minimized and without the freedom to be a
kid and do nothing rips them of a childhood.