Jobs and Teenagers
Jobs that teenagers today get can be difficult at times, but rewarding if they are up for the challenge. When I was growing up all I seemed to want to do was have a little fun enjoy life while I was young. As I grew older, it seemed something was missing; I was not being as productive in society as I felt I needed to be. Therefore, I decided that I was ready to embark on the mighty road to employment.
Getting a job at such a early age I found was not all it was cracked up to be my first three jobs I had turned out to be pretty low rent. Although they were not the best jobs in the world, they did have their positive effect on me; they gave me some kind of experience in the work force. Gary Becker says "that it is a widely recognized fact that some high school students are not well prepared to take on a job"(18). In the rest of his article Becker goes on to tell us about how in West Germany there is this plan that starts preparing young teenagers in practical skills during there high school years (Becker 18). This Becker feels, "is one of the reasons why West Germany has one of the lowest youth unemployment rates"(18). I feel that if we were to incorporate some type of similar plan in America it would not be too bad of an idea in fact I think it would help our youth unemployment level. It would help the children of tomorrow plan their futures by getting important information on the working plain.
One dilemma that might also arise to a high school student with a good job is wither or not to continue his or her education. With college tuition on the rise, you should consider if your current job would carry you through life. In my case, I decided that a college education is looking like the smart way to go. In wage perspective, Mandel says that "college graduates from the ages of 25 to 34 average 43% better paying jobs than those people with high school education (20). With all the new technology, that people are making now days college education is nearly an essential tool in today's job market.
If you feel that you might be mature enough, and have enough training or experience to handle a job. There are many positive effects that a job can render besides helping you choose a job field. A job when your still under your parents wings can prove to be rewarded with extra spending money, you can make new friends, and just over all something to do with your time instead of getting into trouble.
Jobs for teenagers can be rewarding and teach you more about yourself and your capabilities. Although in today's world, it would be tough surviving on a job with only a high school diploma. Therefore, what I would suggest is to stay in school and make sure to keep your grades up. A job at such a young age can be quite a responsibility, but if you are up for the challenge you can get an excellent jump on the real world that awaits us all.