Job roles
The job roles of a company are all the different kind of aspects of work in a business. There are so many different aspects in the work place so this is why there has to be a thing called job roles. Job roles mean that because there are so many different aspects of work they have it so that only a certain person does a certain thing. For instance it means that a person who works in the sales department only does work for the sales department and a person in marketing department only does work on marketing. So everybody does what there best at and instead of everybody getting messed up with all the things that they could do if they work in more than one department then they would get all confused and not work up to their best standards.

These are all the different kinds of job roles there are in the Walkers office.


National accountant manager

Regional sales manager

Accountant executive

Sales development representative

Vans sale manager

Van sale representative

Enabling services
Project manager

Technology manager

Technical brand manager

R&B manager

HR manager

HR officer

Financial manager

Financial analyst

Marketing and insights

Marketing manager

Brand manager

Trade marketing manager

Assistant brand manager


Production and distribution manager

Operations manager

These are all the different job roles you can get working for Walkers in the office but there are more jobs if you work in the factories and if you deliver the crisps to the shops to the other companies.

In sales there main aspect of work is on selling their products to shops and outlets so they will have an income to earn money to buy new things. So there aspect of work consists of selling their products to the full that they can. This department of the company only deal with selling the products so they donít have to deal with anything else than selling the products.

Marketing Department