Jewish Spying Agency
The Events leading up to the arrest of Jesus of Nazareth.

Dear Mr. Gray,

We spies have been very busy collecting information about Jesus, his disciples and the crowds in Jerusalem. We have reason to believe that the disciples have been trying to persuade Jesus of Nazareth (who we believe may be likely to possess the knowledge, the following and therefore the power to overthrow the Roman rule) to enable himself to become a military leader and lead the Jews into war against the Romans. So they are trying to take control of the land on which they presently live and let their own people rule instead of the Romans.

We have been monitoring any signs of Jesus accepting this role of leader. We have been following him and trying to see where the best place to arrest him is.

This is the information we have gathered from our different spies situated around Jerusalem.

He entered Jerusalem for the Jewish Passover festival and was greeted by hosts of followers who treated him as a hero.

Some of the followers said that Jesus is the leader they have been waiting for and he is the messiah sent from God to help them in their time of need. We feel that this may mean in their struggle against Roman Rule.

There are 12 men who refer to themselves as his disciples who have given up their livelihoods and devote everything to him.

Jesus brought the temple to a standstill shocking everyone, claiming that the proceedings therein were unholy.

Jesus argued with the Jewish leaders. They have become embarrassed because Jesus has won all of the arguments. He appears to be a very clever and influential man.

It was impossible to see where Jesus was staying the night because followers were always crowding him. It appeared as though he was living outside of Jerusalem. Perhaps in the wilderness? Perhaps in hiding with friends?

Jesus returned to Jerusalem the next morning and took part in the Passover festival activities.

We have an inside man who has made friends with one of Jesus of Nazarethís close friends, and found out where he was staying. We gave him money to show us where he was staying. He led a few of our spies to Jesus and kissed him (which was the arranged sign to know which person was Jesus) and then the Romans arrested Jesus. One of the disciples was furious and chopped off the Romanís ears. Jesus stayed calm and brought him to reason. Our mission is complete. The Romans will now decide what to do with him.

Yours Faithfully