Jerry is the most interesting or unusual character throughout all of the short stories. All characters have different feelings or emotions. All characters have different personalities depending on the plot. Characters have different conflicts. Sometimes a character changes in the story. Some characters because of their enviornment need to defend themselves against the world.
Jerry was an orphan, and he loved his life differently than most children. Jerry grew up without any parents. He always wanted to be loved like every other child. He didnÕt have many possessions, unlike most children. He wasnÕt loved by many people. He didnÕt have many friends. Jerry wanted to be loved, but didnÕt want other people to know that.
A woman was in need of a man to do manual labor around her house. She wanted a man to chop wood from the orphanage. A boy showed up named Jerry to chop wood for her. At first, the woman didn't think that Jerry would be able to chop the wood because he was such a small boy. Jerry did a very good job chopping wood. Jerry was able to chop wood even though he was a very small boy.
Jerry and the woman become friends. Jerry came back yet another time because the woman liked his work. Jerry and the woman become attached to each other. Jerry would come to the woman's house everyday to do the wood chopping. They begin to grow a tighter friendship. Jerry wanted the woman to adopt him, but he didn't know how to show his affection. Jerry had not known how to express his feelings toward the woman, so he lied.
In conclusion, Jerry is interesting because of his different lifestyle. No one would want to live JerryÕs lifestyle, because he has little or no friends or family. He didn't have many personal possessions. Jerry had to lie because he didn't know if he would be liked for who he was. He grew up with no parents. He grew up with few friends. Being different is not always bad, but Jerry didn't realize this.